"If the Earth were just a little bit further from or closer to the Sun, we would all freeze or burn"

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  • A Ha
    A Ha
    Yes I find the finely tuned universe factoid to be hilarious. The same people fail to grasp the fact the finely tuned earth will one day be swallowed up by the finely tuned Sun when it becomes a finely tuned red giant...

    The remnants of which will one day be swallowed up by a finely-tuned supermassive black hole, which will eventually dissipate via finely-tuned Hawking radiation until the universe is nothing but a featureless void, brought about by the finely-tuned expansion of the universe.

    As for life... our earth is in a Goldilocks zone relative to producing our kind of life, but we don't even know that carbon- and water-based life is the only form of life possible. Carbon is a very versatile element, but it's not the only one that can form multiple bonds with a variety of other elements.

    I also find it ironic that the people who usually make this "fine-tuned for life argument" believe the "real" form of life is an immaterial soul that doesn't even need a physical body.

  • Crazyguy

    Yes and how many times has the earth been hit by big asteroids? There's even some speculation that the moon itself has collided with the earth.

  • ttdtt

    OMG!!! One of my biggest pet peeves ever!

    I gave a great creation talk to dispel stupid idiot statements like that for 2 decades.
    I worked in into every appropriate part or comment I could.


    Like - that there was no rain before the flood (even though genesis talks about rivers in eden)

    Or - we use 10% of our brain. Yea? Let me remove a little bit of yours - you pick what part.

    Or - that the Big Bang is part of the theory of Evolution. For once god sakes - read a book!

    And countless others that had nothing to do with dogma - just common sense!

    After 2 decades of trying and trying - with great reception to my talks and parts - people still fell back to these stupid ideas. (if jws voted they would all vote for trump)

    I maxed out what you could do as an elder from a public speaking roll - and I still didnt move the needle when it came to JW stupidity.

    Ron White is right when he says - "you can't fix stupid"

  • eyeuse2badub

    So some self important brother (and probably very under educated) make this very unscientific statement in a pubic talk and like wildfire jw's jump on the band wagon and start repeating this stupid idea.

    How the hell could anyone know for a certainty if the earth is the the right distance from the sun? It must be because we are here--right?

    just saying!

  • rocketman

    This thread and some of the comments herein thus far touch upon something that I've been thinking about, namely, that if our planet was designed for life in some precisely 'fine tuned' way, why has Earth been struck by asteroids/comets in the past, and why is there still that risk? This seems to me to be a product of a random set of circumstances, not a precisely fine-tuned system.

    In its early history, sure, there would be a functionality in comet/asteroid strikes, such as depositing water and minerals here. But now that life has formed here, and the risk of such impacts still exists, it seems to me to indicate randomness rather than purposeful design - why would a Designer not eliminate all risks to his design? Why, in a finely-tuned system, can one fateful strike by a large celestial object wreak havoc and threaten all life on Earth?


    I'm sure we've all heard this argument by theists employing the fine-tuning argument.

    Jehovah wears a White Smock,carrys a Clip Board..

    AND..Has a Control Panel that..

    Keeps The Universe Running Smoothly.....................IT`S IN THE BIBLE!..

    Image result for hand turning dial.........Image result for bible

  • Stealth

    Study Finds Earth In Lamest Part Of Universe...


  • Truthexplorer

    Maybe just maybe the earth IS the centre of the universe ie the earth is flat!

  • prologos
    Te: "Maybe just maybe the earth IS the centre of the universe

    It is, and so is every other planet and sun in this universe that came squeezed through the big bang birth canal.

  • Stealth

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