The "10 Year Plan" - What is the realistic outcome?

by redsetter2 21 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Elmer

    Exactly NBD

  • nowwhat?

    There is no ten year plan! As said many times the organization is reactive not proactive. The only reason they relaxed the DF policy was losing in Norway and pressure from other countries.

  • Halcon

    If we assume that the JW org is operating as a business, then it is actually more likely that there are multiple plans. Short term, long term and very possibly 10 year plans.

  • Balaamsass2

    Will they- gb 3.0 be tossing the 1972 (ish) Ray Franz research on "porneia"?

    Returning to the 1960s view of "petting" vs "heavy petting"?

    More tolerant of Gays? As in pre-1975sBethel and GB 1.0?

  • LaFrancia
  • LaFrancia

    Thanks for the info redsetter2. So do you confirm 2 changes for October 2024?

    I hope they concern the C/O and the meetings, now they have become boring and full of internal propaganda.

  • Vidiot
    neat blue dog - Hilarious how this 'insider' is doubling down on these theories while at the same time backpedaling and hoping nobody will notice…”

    I’m confused.

    How is expressing an opinion in bold italics an attempt to keep people from noticing?


  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Multiple plans like a business?

    Short term? Long term?

    And a 10 year plan?

    WT members are victims. The Borg perpetually leads them on that the end is " nigh",, but behind their backs ""these long term plans" but forever dangle this carrot in front of them.

  • Vidiot

    I’m actually scratching my head a little over this bit…

    “The Watchtower only cares about obedience to the GB regardless of what they've currently been teaching or what they previously taught. They wouldn't care if even the most hardcore of JWs stumble or question things. All they expect is absolute obedience and quickly readjusting to changes without question.”

    It’s nothing I disagree with, per se… I’m just having trouble squaring it with this statement from Red from a couple weeks back:

    The Governing Body certainly wishes to let JWs make their own mature decisions, they are tired of the constant letters pouring in asking them their viewpoint on certain matters.”

    These two allegations seem conflicting, but also…

    …the first almost sounds as though the WT and the GB are… separate entities?

    I’d love me some clarification.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    """ ... the first almost sounds as though the WT and the GB are...separate entities?""

    They might as well be.

    The shifts in beliefs,,, they never get anything right.

    The GB has said they're " not inspired".

    They might as well be separate entities.

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