The "10 Year Plan" - What is the realistic outcome?

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  • redsetter2

    As there has been some discussion calling BS on this topic,

    I will paste the text from my 10 Year Plan post and I will critically evaluate how I feel things will turn out. I will add bold italics my thoughts.

    The Governing Body has a 10-year marketing plan to remodel the Organization to become closer to a mainstream Christian religion.

    This "plan" has not been initiated by the Governing Body, it has been provided to them as a recommendation by the Legal department, Service Committee, Teaching and Writing Committees. These offices are working together to legislate new policies, both doctrinal and Organizational. I feel that the 10 year plan is a phrase I chose as the actual words were "within the next 10 years we expect to see changes such as..."

    See what a little phrase I coined can cause a rumble? However it is truly a "10 year plan".

    Standards / Bible principles

    Over the next few months and years, there will be more clarification on "conscience matters".

    The Governing Body certainly wishes to let JWs make their own mature decisions, they are tired of the constant letters pouring in asking them their viewpoint on certain matters.

    JWs will in time, be allowed by conscience to wear tattoos or piercings, as long as they do not reflect "extremes" in the world or identify them with the LGBTQ community.

    I do not think that this will ever be openly revealed if ever adopted, perhaps it will be added to future updates of the Shepherding textbook.

    Smoking tobacco and marijuana as well as taking of drugs will still be strongly discouraged, however they will no longer be considered disfellowshipping offences and in most cases reproval will be the goal of judicial committees in these areas.

    Definitely an unusual move if it did happen, I would be surprised because the smoking of tobacco policy which was introduced in the 1970s literally automatically disfellowshipped many JWs within months if they refused to change, so how would such ones feel now? Undoubtedly angry!

    In time, birthdays will be permissable under certain circumstances if the conscience allows. Weddings to non witnesses will also be no longer "frowned upon", as the suggestion will be given that a Christian woman by union with a respectable man may "win him over" to the "truth".

    I don't actually see this ever taking effect. Even the current Governing Body are reluctant to change their stance on worldly holidays. However, anything is possible. The Governing Body's change of feelings towards the beard policy changed overnight.

    Also, the Governing Body will issue a statement that different forms of sex within marriage (such as oral and anal) are now permissable, as long as a married couple does not openly talk about sex otherwise they will be counselled by the elders.

    This type of change would only appear in the Shepherding textbook and I can see it happening.

    Additionally, private consensual intimacy and sex between adults of the opposite sex will be a conscience matter, as long as vaginal sex and pregnancy is not involved and as long as the activities are not broadcast openly to other members of the congregation. If a married person is involved, they must receive permission from their spouse and then respect their mate's decision if they refuse to permit it, otherwise a judicial committee will be formed and repeated attempts will be made to help that one gain "repentance".

    This is referring to forms of intimacy no longer being seen as disfellowshipping offences, however they would merit a caution and certain brothers would have any privileges removed (or delayed) if they were known to be engaged in such practices. I can see this happening, but it will never be publicly revealed to the rank and file, it will only be in the Shepherding textbook.

    Chaperones will no longer be advised for courting couples, and matters of intimacy between them, including kissing, are no longer discouraged, as long as no vaginal intercourse is involved, which would result in disfellowshipping if the woman is discovered to be pregnant.

    This will also most likely happen and will only appear in a future update of the Shepherding Textbook, with all mention of chaperones disappearing from future publications.

    Blood transfusions will not be considered a conscience matter, in fact it will be back to how it used to be, instead they will reverse their opinions on using transfusion alternatives with blood fractions.

    A legal ploy, to further "prove" to governments that JWs refusal of blood is for personal religious reasons and not endorsed by the Organization. This has been gradually taking effect and will eventually be a part of a future update in the Shepherding textbook.


    The Faithful Slave will soon refer to all Christians "taking the lead" in the Organization, not referring to solely anointed Christians. The Evil Slave may refer to the Governing Body of today in the event legal issues cause them to completely disband. Otherwise, the evil slave will simply refer to wicked men who manage to take the lead in Jehovah's Organization today.

    I can see this happening.

    The Revelation prophecies and Isaiah and Daniel prophecies will be completely rebranded and diluted to refer to more "faith strengthening" lessons on how Jehovah would help his people during the Last Days and into the 1000 year reign of Christ.

    This study project is happening as we speak.

    The memorial of Christ's death will no longer be observed by all of Jehovah's Witnesses, only the "anointed".

    This was a passing comment, I don't believe the Governing Body liked that recommendation.

    Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and the like will still be rejected however more clarification will be given that a Christian can choose to join non witness relatives on their holiday celebrations with an opportunity to "give an alternative witness" to them by non participation in holiday rituals.

    This is an unusual way of approaching the holidays, I don't believe this will ever happen, however the Governing Body strangely put that on the table for a future discussion to understand more what the recommendation entails.

    The New World Translation will be revised again by 2033.

    My lips are sealed!

    The Song Book will again be revised by 2033.

    Again, my lips are sealed!

    No more new printed publications will be produced after 2034, everything will be made available online. JWs will instead have the NWT, the Song Book, Midweek and weekend meeting schedules, and a set number of pamphlets. The public magazines will no longer be published after 2033. From 2034 onwards, the Watchtower Study Edition will be larger, with more supplementary articles for children, adolescents, and non JWs reading along at the meetings.

    This will certainly happen, the JW organization are making cutbacks and doing everything they can to survive into a new era with a younger generation of JWs who aren't remotely spiritual to say the least.

    The 1914 doctrine will be abandoned last.

    I do not accept the recent rumors about 1914 on Reddit, and the Governing Body has simply said as this doctrine was influenced by a type and antitype approach, they will eventually stop using the calculation they devised leading to the year 1914, the only difference will be is that they will continue saying the last days began in the early 1900s, to cover a wider period without being overly specific. They know so many hardcore JWs will not readily accept this change so they're willing to wait out the next 10 years to introduce it as more of the older generation dies off.

    Meetings, Assemblies, Conventions

    Over the next 10 years, the Conventions will include 2 new episodes of the Good News According to Jesus, after which in 2034 there will be a feature length film based on the entire book of Acts. After that feature length film, the JWs will have hoped to have become closer to "first century Christianity", even though they make this claim already.

    This will all most certainly happen and I find this all intriguing!

    After 2034, there is supposedly be no more conventions or assemblies planned, and congregations will be remarketed for local meetings redesigned in a similar way as the original Bible Students group. The name "Jehovah's Witnesses" will no longer be designated beyond 2034, however I am not aware of what the "new name" will be.

    I am absolutely certain that assemblies and conventions in person will be done away with eventually, but where will the Organization generate income then? I am speculating that JWs will replace conventions with their massive studios like Ramapo which will somehow generate extra pocket money through online marketing. I can safely assume that this is their best option as the cost of living continues to increase.

    The weekend meetings in time will be shortened, still with a public talk (always with one or 2 videos) and a 10-12 paragraph Bible Discussion based on an article in the Watchtower study edition. Some weeks will focus on a study article, other weeks will focus on age specific topics or topics for the public. The Watchtower study edition will completely change and become the only magazine produced for the Organization, and it will include inside the midweek meeting schedule which will also be revised to a more simple format.

    I welcome this change. Whether it will come to fruition is yet to be seen.


    The necessity for Territory Servants will be gone, and maps for door to door ministry will end within the next few years. It will depend upon the conscience of each Christian taking the lead in ministry groups which street to cover and how many houses they will work. Additionally, informal witnessing at the workplace or other places will be strongly encouraged. Public Witnessing carts will also come to their end by 2034.

    This idea is very unusual and I don't think it would work logistically. Many of us at WHQ rejected the idea, although it was put on the table to discuss at a future date.


    In the next few years these changes may take place.

    Bodies of Elders will be reviewed periodically by Circuit Overseers. The CO will have to power to remove any elder who doesn't meet Bible standards. Elders will no longer meet for the "quarterly" to recommend appointments, rather Circuit Overseers will recommend the appointments to the elder bodies. If the elder bodies have a disagreement over an appointment, they can discuss this with the CO. Only if the person concerned is engaged in questionable activities, then a CO may retract his suggestion and offer advice personally to the individual who was considered for appointment. However, most brothers will now be considered for being appointed as elders or ministerial servants, regardless of their personalities. The only reasons why they would not be considered are for: severe mental issues or promoting a superior or disagreeing attitude. If this method works, Circuit Overseers will carry on indefinitely, with no change once in every 3 years. The term "travelling overseers" will no longer apply to them.

    This will certainly eventually take place but it will take time and extra resources to initiate this new method. It may take a few years to come together.

    What I can say from all of this is that whilst I have made my personal thoughts in the bold known, I encourage everyone here to take it all with a grain of salt. In October at the next annual meeting, one or 2 of the things mentioned here will be made known then. For now, there are no more "leaks", of which these are very difficult to make known to outsiders, those not at Bethel. I can't add to or take away more from what I've already collected together. All I can say is this, the Organization is in trouble and it will come crashing down if it doesn't make more drastic changes.


    The GBs 10 year plan:

    1) Die


  • Halcon
    The Revelation prophecies and Isaiah and Daniel prophecies will be completely rebranded and diluted to refer to more "faith strengthening" lessons on how Jehovah would help his people during the Last Days and into the 1000 year reign of Christ.
    This study project is happening as we speak

    Will you share a detail or two on how a prophecy will be retaught here?

    Rebranded and diluted seems to indicate that nothing new will appear in these books.

  • TonusOH

    So almost everything will become a conscience matter?

    If the idea is to go from a group that tries to control behavior at every level to one that leaves everything up to the individual, it's a completely different organization. A good name would be Whatever Truth is Fine. Maybe WTF[.]org is available for the new website.

  • 3rdgen

    WTF [.]org LOL!

  • no-zombie


    Wherever the 10 year plan comes from (whether internally from its own committees or through a private external advisor), I ultimately don't care. However what I believe is far more important, is the question whether or not the changes we are seeing, part of a COHERENT DECISION to attract new blood into the Organization.

    If it is all part of some kind of house cleaning or a form of legal risk mitigation, then it will all come to nothing when the Faith dies of old age. That's a just predictable fact.

    On the other hand, if the Governing Body has CHOSEN 'the short term pain for the long term good' to make the Society more visually attractive to world ... then I say to you, the changes we have heard about are not nearly radical enough.

    But is the Governing Body really smart enough, to do things they don't want to do? Because no one is coming into the Truth because he can keep is beard or his girlfriend can wear slacks to the meeting.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo
    no one is coming into the Truth because he can keep is beard or his girlfriend can wear slacks to the meeting.

    It all seems to point to the org taking a less dogmatic approach than they have historically done. Lets be honest, some of these changes are about 3 decades overdue.

    The mentality of the org - until very recently was the same as it was in the 60's - an old fashioned, controlling dictatorship. That had to change because the world has changed so much and the end wasnt here. It is a new century and the org has lost too much time already.

    In the early 20th century, the organisation were called Bible Students, then the name was changed. They believed 1914 was the end - then they changed that. Changing beliefs has led to schisms and a drop in numbers in the past and its actually not a big stretch of the imagination that sweeping changes will be implemented again. Im not saying I believe that all these ideas will be happen, in particular smoking tobacco, drugs and getting tattoos - but who knows?

    The org is not what it used to be, and it will keep changing. We know the changes they have made during their history. In 50 years from now, JW's will look at 2024 as the old days and smile at how quaint and old-fashioned we were, and how great it is to be living in 2074 with their 'correct' understanding.

  • no-zombie

    joey jojo

    The Organization isn't what it used to be, no ... it got more stupid. You see, from my view the overlapping generations of our Governing Body has dug such a great pit for itself, that only an earthquake could fill it.

    When have you last heard of a happy Catholic decide to become a Witness because they though our teachings better reflected what's in the bible? What about a person who was a Pentecostal or Anglican? No, the only people who join, are the lonely and depressed ... impressed by the love-bombing that is actually available in many churches.

    For me, its clear ... no earthquake, no growth, no religion.

  • Jeffro


    The Governing Body has a 10-year marketing plan to remodel the Organization to become closer to a mainstream Christian religion.
    This "plan" has not been initiated by the Governing Body, it has been provided to them as a recommendation by the Legal department, Service Committee, Teaching and Writing Committees

    It makes sense that this supposed '10 year plan' is really just recommendations from marketing/legal. As such, there's no guarantee that any would necessarily be implemented. Some are likely, and some are very unlikely.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Hilarious how this 'insider' is doubling down on these theories while at the same time backpedaling and hoping nobody will notice. Present Truth, amiright?

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