OMG....the watchtardedness of the CLAM. ( Cult Lies and Manipulation )

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    As we all know, the CLAM reeks of propaganda and lunacy (Sniff...Sniff...Mmmmm...smells like the GB's meeting room.)

    What did Dubs glean from the CLAM that washed ashore this week? According to the book of Ezra, Jeehoober is so fearful of competition, that he banishes wives and even small children.

    What were Dubbies allowed to learn from the scripted meeting part, based on the already scripted WT propaganda article?

    Review question: How serious a threat was intermarriage with "the people of the land"?

    Answer: "True worship" could have been eradicated from the Earth if the pagan wives and their children were not banished."

    Did you catch that? Do you truly grasp the significance of that "truth"?

    The "True worship" program was so fragile, that it could have been wiped from the face of the Earth in at least two non-overlapping generations. So, in a classic dick move, Jeehoobidoob exiles women and children. As one Eldub said, "The Prophets of Jeehoober were guardians of the truth until the time of Jesus. Had those wives and children been allowed to remain, "true worship" could have been eradicated. It was that serious."

    With an ignorant belief system like JWism, which fears that "truth" can be eradicate while Jeehoober watches, is it any wonder that doubters and rational thinkers are being steadily weeded out?

    This CLAM will spread its abominable stench of bigotry and ignorance, and drive away all but the most mentally and emotionally compromised. Yes, they have gone nose-blind to the reek of propaganda.


  • Spiral

    DD, you bring up something that used to really bug me as a child. Why is God so fragile (great word to describe it) that he has to defend his "truth" in this matter. Why does he have to be so vulnerable to disapproval? If it is the "Truth" and he is the God that "deserves to rule" he shouldn't have to do this in front of an ex-angel that doesn't like him any more.

    But in our time we are to believe he's done a 180 degree turn and sits back and does nothing.

    And they sit and drink it up as evidence of his "love". Ugh!

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim


    That's something that confused me also. For a very, very long time since childhood.

  • Island Man
    Island Man
    The CLAM is infecting the minds of JWs with AIDS (Acquired Intellectual Deficiency Syndrome)
  • pixel

    wives and their children were not banished

    Now we see who is worse that Trump.

    God was running a big deportation program lets-separate-families years, years ago.

  • freddo

    Funny how Moses gets to have a Midianite wife though ...

    Rules never seem to apply in the same way to a "God's representatives on Earth" do they?

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    DD! Love the jeehoobidoob nickname !


  • Zoos

    Island Man

    I can't wait to use that..... somewhere, some how.

  • cha ching
    cha ching
    Good one Freddo! Let's not forget Moses! & what about Rahab? Hmmmm? She got to be an ancestor of Jesus!
  • cofty

    The book of Ruth is one of the bible books I respect. The story of a Moabitess who became the grandmother of King David is a clever protest against Ezra's psychopathic xenophobia.

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