Gerrit Losch Hypocritical: "Let Your Light Shine" Talk Given After His Refusal To Let His Light Shine Before Caesar In A Court Room

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  • possum

    cha ching

    I had no clue thanks for joining the dots.

  • gda
    this subject will always be a #1 topic for me. I will never get over this one for sure. I could talk about it all day every day. really I could
  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Dear Possum,

    That is why I am so thankful for this, and other, websites... Information is the key!

    cha ching!

  • Listener

    Smiddy, my understanding is that the Wtbts was ordered to pay such a large amount specifically because they were unco-operative, they were basically penalised in the millions.

    Their decision to withhold information and from GL not appearing cost them dearly. This exposes their weak spots and an expert lawyer will no doubt use this in future cases.

  • possum

    Gda not surprised. This has made my day.

    Your right Cha Ching 'Knowledge is power". This forum and other websites continue to help me develop a new post cult ability to think/reason critically.

  • smiddy


    Thank you for your reply to my question .Is their any documentation anywhere to prove they were penalized in the millions of $$$$ ?

    Just wondering.


  • Listener

    About half way down are a number of news reports -

    Here's the document listing the judgement against them

    Approx. $10.5 million was payable for punitive damages and $3 million for compensation.

    Because the WTBTS were not complying with Court requests in providing documents and GL they chose to exercise an option apparently not used by that Court and barred the WTBTS from participating in further Court process. This meant that Lopez just needed to prove his case and the WTBTS were no longer in the position of being able to defend themselves or even argue to mitigate circumstances.

    I understand the $10.5 million in punitive damages was due to the direct behaviour of the WTBTS in not handlying this abuse properly over the years.. I don't think that this was imposed on them for directly refusing to present the documents & GL but because they were barred from participating they were unable to defend themselves to reduce this amount, more than likely costing them millions more than they would likely have had to pay.

    I can't find the final summary made by the Judge in her judgement.


    .............................TAKE MY ADVICE....I`M NOT USING IT..

  • kookie
    great thread!!
  • Vidiot

    And now, because of the Campos verdict, there is a virtually foolproof precedent to beat them in (American) court over child-abuse-related cases...

    ...simply subpoena the WTS's internal pedo DB for evidence and/or a GB member for testimony. When they refuse, they lose the case by default.

    Ten bucks says the WTS knows this, and are expecting significant court (and therefore financial) losses in the near future, and that's why the sudden tightening of their belts.

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