Is ANYONE in charge a real ordained minister? College degrees? Seminary? A real Theological degree?

by WireRider 29 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • WireRider

    And I don't mean that stupid made up shit Russell just invented only a 100 yrs ago. He never passed the 7th grade and declared that the world was too stupid to understand the Bible without him.

    Who do you follow and pore money into the Watchtower?

  • Finkelstein

    He never passed the 7th grade and declared that the world was too stupid to understand the Bible without him.

    Valid point WireRider

  • Clambake

    I have often it strange that people with a serious religion education on both a secular and spiritual level aren't lining up to become jehovah witnesses.

    Has anyone either heard of a pastor, priest or professor of theology becoming a jehovah witness?

  • prologos

    I remember one school overseer with a degree in Journalism, an accomplished TV personality. what a difference a degree makes.

    Now, if local elders had degrees, that would fulfill Jesus' words about slaves being the first, for the undereducated 7 would direct, feed the educated.( the things hidden from the world)


    It's pretty easy to become officially ordained in the State I live in. I've thought about secretly becoming a minister, and having a voluntary background check.

    I don't even care about being a minister. I just think it would be awesome if laws were passed, requiring background checks/ working with children cards or certification. None of the Elders would have it, but I would!! LOL!!!

    Is that mean?? 😇


  • nicolaou
    How does one fail a degree in theology?! Seriously, I'd like to know.
  • talesin

    My grandfather had his degree in theology, and he was an elder. He is the only one I ever knew. (He became a JW for my grandmother, they married later in life, around 30 YO, so he was an Anglican minister when he met her.)

  • Finkelstein

    What becomes comparatively interesting is what WireRider pointed out that the WTS right to its very beginning inception did not have a academically trained bible theologian.

    The largely unsupported and separate theology of Pyramidology was not Russell's own for example.

    Both Russell and Rutherford were professional people in business and the other a lawyer.

    Rutherford learned most his theological ideas from Russell and continued on from there publishing books and magazines toward his own appealing direction but was still an amateur bible theologian himself.

    What these men did have was the keys to their own publishing house and from there the WTS slowly grew to its state today.

    The power of the press development power to these men aided by allured believers of what they had written.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    Yes but he was a pyramid expert...the measurements related to the end of the world in 1918!
  • talesin

    So true, Finkelstein - I tend to think of them as "Carpetbaggers'. : D

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