Just saw The Matrix Reloaded

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  • SpunkyChick

    I didn't care for the Matrix Reloaded. It was loooooong and drawn out zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Keanu Reeves, although HOT, is a TERRIBLE actor. Blah to this flick. The first one was better.

  • dubla

    spoiler warning..........................

    the first matrix is one of my favorite movies of all time, and i never get tired of watching it. so i was pretty excited when i finally bought my ticket to the first sequel................

    disappointed doesnt begin to describe my feeling after leaving the theater yesterday.......disgusted is more like it. after the first half hour of the movie, i realized it was terrible, and the rest of the way through i just kept hoping it would somehow get better.....it didnt. of course the action scenes were great, there were a few legitimate chuckles and wows, as should be expected.....but the overall feel of the movie left me remembering "attack of the clones". it felt like the movie knew what its strengths were, and overemphasized them. the fight scenes seemed to just happen, because they had to, not because they were an intricate part of the story line......very contrived for the most part.

    the lines got much cheesier from matrix 1 to matrix 2...and morpheus sounded as if he was reading cue cards for much of the movie. the characters were supposed to be bleak and somewhat faceless from the beginning, but that lack of emotion is magnified 10 times over in this one........does neo even have emotions? can he muster a facial expression besides the "whoa" look that he cant seem to wipe off?

    we are introduced to a plethora of new characters in this installment, and not one of them is developed in the least......nothing past the "this is capt. needermeyer" intros.....did anyone care about any of these new characters? did anyone care when the keymaker died? if the new ship operator dies in the first scene of revolutions...will it be a loss? its like all the new players are simply fillers.....and we arent asked to care for them or even know them like we were during the first matrix.

    whats with all the captain/corporal/soldier talk? when did the matrix story become star wars? was anyone moved by the speech morpheus gave in zion? i know i wasnt.

    the thing i loved about the first movie was a sense of reality......of course it was complete fiction, but it gave you the the whole dreamworld affect....the reality underneath. in the matrix rehashed, this feeling is completely gone, and it has given way to a whole new feel: youre reading a comic book. this movie viewed like spiderman.....only when i watched spiderman, i expected the comic feeling, and therefore embraced it and enjoyed it. the first matrix was like kung fu meets die hard, with a big dose of bladerunner......this one was like superman meets star wars..........and the new improved neo has now morphed into the dullest form of superhero possible: the invincible man. of course the fight scene with the hoards of agent smiths was awesome to watch, but did anyone else feel a real lack of threat there? did you get a sense of threat from agent smith at any time during the movie? i didnt.

    obviously the wachowskis felt they needed to wow us even more than the first time, so we were also introduced to new villains that basically take on a spirit like form and move freely through the matrix as they please......*yawn*. i guess the vampire twins were cool until they became evil spirits with medusa-like hair and big scary teeth. frightening? nope, just silly.

    the cg didnt bother me as much as it could have, but it was extremely obvious at times, which was a bit painful. painstaking effort was made in the first matrix to use actual actors during the fight scenes, pushing the limits and braking new ground........and now we have 100% cg neos and agent smiths forced on us......was that necessary?

    ill probably see the third installment just to see how the story ends, but im certainly not excited about it. if the pattern continues, the third movie will have even more double-speak and philosophizing about the whys of free will (if thats possible), and another huge heap of explaining everything to death.......ill have to drink a redbull to make it through the yawn sections and stay awake for the action sequences, which are the only scenes left that are worth viewing in this trilogy.


  • topanga

    it seemed like a movie done all wrong but the creator or god figure the old man in the room with the screens said it was the 6th time they had been through this. creating the matrix finding neo his making emotional wrong choices and the destruction of zion. The whole feel of the movie was like one abnormal big mistake. The fighting with the neverending smiths was stupid why didnt neo just run or fly away? All of the fights were too long the dialogue ridiculous and characters miscast.Sounds like it was on purpose to represent the sixth attempt to create the perfect matrix and save zion, we know the number means imperfection or we learned it meant human imperfection but the seventh time they do this neo is suposed to make the right choice. whaddya think? huh?

  • ashitaka


    I think that it's a good movie as an action movie. It's fun, still has a few threads of a plot, and has enough action to fill a casket with.

    In the end, it's not high drama, but just good fun. A movie you can eat a bucket of popcorn at, and be satisfied with. Don't expect Shakespeare from an action movie. Also....it's the middle leg of a series, which can get tedious and bogged down. I think the climax of revolutions will make up for anybody's dissapointments in this one. The second leg of any series has a lot of pontificating in it....the trap of trilogies.

    If I had done this film, I would've made this the second and last movie, and just made it a three hour epic with a intermission. Then again, I'm not concerned with making a Billion dollars in proft.


  • SYN
    Ok when Neo stuck his hand out at the near end of the film and stopped the sentental machines from approaching him and his friends, sending shockwaves into their systems thereby shutting them down, it overloaded his mind and went into a coma. This leads me to speculate that Neo and all of the people in the "real" world really isn't the real world which would make sense to me since because why make it easy for them to get out of the Matrix w/o some sort of a back up? In other words, fool them into thinking they are all out. Neo was the only one that felt something wrong and he felt the machines approaching Neo and he was able to put a stop into them, but his mind wasn't prepared for the feedback that overloaded his mind, otherwise if he realized that the "real world" that they were in wasn't real to begin with, he prolly would have been more prepared for it. So if I am right, he will be next time. So, bottom line is this, why make it too easy for them to get out w/o a back-up world for them to be fooled in and if every single human being got out of the Matrix, they would lose all the power source they needed, so to prevent that from happening, created a second set of a Matrix world for them to live in to keep them busy and still receive all the energy they need. But, since there's only one world left, I'm sure that when men like Neo finds out about their "fool" program, it's only one more step out into the real world which would definantly worry the machines, which is why they are attacking Zoin in order to prevent that from ever happening. Remember, the creator of the Matrix said there were other "Zions" before, so this isn't the first time that the machines had to quell the "outbreak" of humans trying to escape.

    When I saw that part of the movie, it was instantly obvious that there is no real way out of the Matrix.

    There can't be. It would in fact have been pretty stupid for the machine intelligences to create a Matrix that could actually be broken out of. This way, all "anomolous" activity would merely be confined to a separate "ring" of the Matrix, if you will, thus instantly separating the wheat from the chaff as far as rebellious humans were concerned. Thus the Matrix can only be a set of infinitely nested simulations, i.e. the ultimate trap. It would be physically impossible for the humans to break free from it, unless one of the machine intelligences actually allowed them to do this, which they CANNOT do, because they are dependent on the humans for power, ergo. their programming would never allow them to do that.

    As I said in another thread, the Wachowski Brothers are smarter than I thought!

    Of course, I could be wrong, and the Matrix could only be a doubly nested simulation. That would be somewhat disappointing.

    Then again, perhaps the Brothers Wachowski will make a subtle allusion to it, while overtly telling the audience that the Matrix is only doubly-nested, and not infinitely linked like it probably is. I can't wait to find out!

    Edited to add: Oh, and another thing. There is no guarantee in the movie that the people of Zion (i.e. those "freed" from the ring of the Matrix visible to them) are re-entering the SAME Matrix. Which makes things even MORE interesting! Perhaps the REAL core Matrix is unchanged except for their departure, and a parallel one is created for them to enter into and attempt to "free" people, thus isolating all rebels.

  • teejay
    but the overall feel of the movie left me remembering "attack of the clones" – dubla

    I haven't seen the movie yet and this is the main reason why. As I was never so disappointed as I was when I saw "Clones", I have feared having the same reaction with Matrix 2.

    Matrix 1 remains one of my all-time favorite flicks because of storyline, acting, philosophical concepts, and fx. But as Lucas and now the Wachowski's have discovered: it's hard to make a successful sci-fi sequel because of the genre itself.

    Regardless of the trilogy, the first installment is so successful because of the special effects that augment the underlying story. People are hooked by the storyline, but we also love the "wow factor," and we want to be wowed again. To satisfy the fans of Episode 1 (who loved the wow factor), the filmmakers have to do more of same. "Out-do" is more correct. The results are just a mish-mash of special effects that satisfies those who like car chases while those looking for a credible storyline are left out in the cold. Rather than being the spice that add flavor to what should drive the movie – the plot, dialog, and acting – special effects become the main ingredient. I like a little salt and pepper sprinkled on my burger, but too much of either makes the thing inedible. I'll probably see it but, going in, I'm not expecting much. I'm afraid that, after seeing the trailer on the net, I've seen all the best that Matrix 2 has to offer.


    I saw the Matrix (first installment), I'm afraid I didn't like it. It was just not my kind of movie.

    Later, when someone rented it, I sat down again to view it, and again...didn't enjoy it.

    Not sure if I'll even bother with the second one. I don't care for Keanu Reeves at all.

    If you enjoyed it, that's great!

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