I like my pillow

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  • Shutterbug
    It's too bad they can't be as understanding of our needs for comfort and being able to sleep with a clear conscience as we would like to be toward them

    Of course you're correct Skully, and there are those overbearing jerks in the Borg that I would love to bring down a peg or two. However, none of these six women that I mentioned are in that catagory. In fact, only one of them even mentioned the "truth" and that was only in passing. So I'm taking a "you leave me alone and I'll leave you alone " stance, at least toward these six.

    Also, I have nothing to offer them which would replace their present faith. We don't go to church, but I do have my own system of values and beliefs which make me comfortable, but is highly unlikely to help the women in question. At any rate, if someone cares to cross me, I have a loose leaf notebook full of goodies which were gleaned from this board. Bug

  • SheilaM
    I have to bring my own pillow. It is just the right size

    I have to have my pillow and my Mickey Mouse blanket (no laughing ...stop it...I'm gonna cry ...stop laughing at me) I sleep with it and Thunder every night But abhor the dubs

  • TR

    The comfort of the "pillow", in my mind at least, was a figment of the imagination. That pillow's comfort was the the result of my mind being manipulated to feel it's comfort. My manipulated mind was telling me that I should be at ease with my beliefs, yet at the same time, the motions I was going through to justify that "comfort" was driving me nuts. I wonder how many 'hovahs feel that way.

    Just my thousand dollars worth, minus $999.98.


  • happy man
    happy man

    Hello kenpo, nice to see you again, vey good post, myself see this in the same way, I am inn, and even if I see some bad things, and some very bad, I can tell that when I try to tell my friends or my parents this things, I can see how the brightness in ther eyes go down, and they runn away.

    As my parents fore exampel, they have a very good life inn sens 1950 s,

    if ypou take this from them I think all joj and happiness are gone, in ther life, even my wife say so when I show her this info on internet, even if many here dont agree, you can find some very good things among JW, hope fore the future, good freinds, a lot of contakt widh other peopel , assamblys and other things.

    I think a lot of them are vey unhappy fore the moment , beaucause this wolfs how now are inn, and they wait fore better times, perhaps also my slef do that.

    love from HM

  • logansrun

    Wow. Great illustration. Very innovative.


  • GirlOnFence

    When I was 17 I became good friends with a co-worker and confided in him about my doubts about the organization. One day I was telling him how he was the first person outside of the org. I had ever been friends with, and how that was part of the reason I couldn't leave, because the witnesses "were all I had ever known and had"... He said something I will never forget: "Life begins, outside your comfort zone".

    That was 2 years ago, and I just recently started breaking away (I've only been to 4 meetings since September of last year)... it's taken me a long time, but being away from the "truth", has made me see how right he was.

  • Tatiana

    kenpo....I've missed you. Please email me.



  • Beck_Melbourne

    Dragon....great to see you....welcome back and once again you're posts ring a few bells for me.

    The 'comfort' element that the religion offers long timers is quite distinctive. My jw mother and grandmother fit into that 'i love my pillow' category with ease. My mother knows there are a lot of things that she dislikes about the religion (ie. shunning me and my brother - and her sister) and my grandmother also tries to justify herself when she indulges in birthday gifts for her non-witness kids or grandkids. Yet they continue to stay loyal - despite their personal views.

    My sister who was inactive is going through the motions to reactivate herself - yet she knows about the child abuse scandals and the changes in the structure of their beliefs, but she is comfortable with what she knows - she feels safe.

    We can't change them, we can only hope that one day they find the desire to want change.

    Nice to have you here Dragon - I really enjoy your posts.


  • Aztec

    LMAO @ sixy! :p ~Azzy

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