Zoom- CO's were told to tell elders/ms not to be on it unless you have a reason PERIOD!

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    From Reddit EXJW


    Pretty much what other appointed men have been telling me. ew!

    There is no letter to the elders at least here in the U.S. instructing them to discourage zoom.
    its likely in the outline or a letter to CO's only. They want this to be verbal instructions for now at least.

  • HiddlesWife

    Again, WT wants that $$$$$ so. damn. bad! During the pandemic, very little funds were given. So, they are trying to CONTROL AND FORCE the R&F to do what they want them to do, physical and financial conditions nevertheless!

  • Vidiot

    Makes you wonder where the $3B from the Brooklyn property sale went. 🤨

  • FedUpJW
    Makes you wonder where the $3B from the Brooklyn property sale went. 🤨

    TMIII whiskey fund? Pedo protection fund? GB and "helpers" jetting around the world being treated like rock stars fund?

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    pedo protection fund.

  • lancegalahadx

    Reason: I don’t want to go to the KH…

  • Rattigan350

    So they want to just cut off people from the meetings?

  • Vidiot

    FOG ain’t cuttin’ it no more.

  • Vidiot

    By the way…

    …how the fuck do they expect the rank and file to resume attendance while they’re selling’ all the Halls out from underneath ‘em???


  • LongHairGal


    Very good point.

    I missed some meetings back in the day and my hall was ten minutes from my home! There’s no way I would have ever driven forty-five minutes+ one way to any hall. It’s just as well I’m Out.

    At some point when they sell off even more halls, this problem will be exacerbated for whatever remaining Witnesses are left.

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