JW Elder fired from bank for privacy violation regarding fellow JW employee

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  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    Mary was not a medical assistant! Her name is Sharon, she is now married to my uncle. She was a nurse. The issue was a married sister scheduled for a abortion, Sharon went to the sister tried to change her mind about ending a human life, the sister did not listen, she went to the elders to try to save a human life, they failed. The abortion happened, Sharon was black balled from the medical profession.

    I did a post on this before and everyone completely missed the point as they went off on how Sharon got what she deserved. The point of this article is that it is designed for a certain purpose that of creating a TOOL to use in the control of people!

    The whole article is a deception! Smoke and mirrors! Even the guy who was assigned to write the article thought it pure deceptive bull shit!

    That can be seen by the commentary on Lev.5:1 as the man doing the cursing is before a convened court room setting and is the victim of a crime yet has the power to put forth the call for a witness of the crime to forward to testify so as to establish justice. Take the time to research Google search commentary on Lev.5:1 go to Bible Hub, read commentaries. Gill's commentary uses the word "neighbor" to show that the entire community had the legal right to put forth a "call to testify" as justice was a community responsibility. There was no "not my problem" attitude to crime being committed to other people.

    Read the new RNWT revision on Lev.5:1 and ask why has this major change been cloaked in silence by the WTB&TS?

    In the 2013 talk on "Human Apostates" there was mention of a apostate who was writing letters to the homes of the publishers. I am that man. This article "A Time to Speak When" was the subject of those letters. The reason for letters was to plug into the internal church 'grape vine' so as to out flank the shunning policy designed to isolate publishers from information.

    The issue was how Lev.5:1 per Wt article "A Time to Speak When" related to a $4,250,000 unregistered securities swindle and two law enforcement agencies letters which elders refused to forward to Merton Campbell on the Northern California Service Desk.

    A researcher investigating another widow being defrauded by the same swindler Googled the swindlers name and up popped his name connected to my name and took him directly to this web site and my postings. Evidently the matter was taken to a judicial meeting and Ray was [again] found guilty of defrauding another in a long series of widows out of $100,000.00 as he is to make restitution in the amount of $40.00 a month. Ray got a hundred thousand the widow gets $40.00 until it gets forgotten.

    My efforts surrounding "A Time to Speak When?" deal specifically around a swindler who ever since 1982 has been defrauding widows out of hundred of thousands of dollars with in the JW church. He is a master corrupter of anything and anyone he touch's [a Frank Colombo of the NY mob] couple him with WTB&TS traveling men who will sell the Word of God through "simony" and bribes Isa.1:23 at the drop of a hat, widows will be defrauded and no one cares.

    But! What was the reason why the WTB&TS instructed a writer the assignment to write a article that he did not personally agree with to where he very slyly slipped in a very subtle "key" to unlock the deception. You have to really read careful as the commentary on Lev.5:1 in no way related to the application it was used for. The commentary and the application DON'T MIX!!! There was a reason the writer was forced to write something he did not agree with! And somebody smarter than me knows what that reason was. But they said I can't tell and that I can wait just like everyone else to find out the reason behind the article "A Time to Speak When?".

    Now we all got something to look forward to.

  • freddo

    Hi "Bill Covert" - I see the difference in RNWT and NWT in Lev 5 v 1, and it's possible use as a tool for the organisation's needs going forward. (A bit like Micah 6 v 8 in highlighting the "loyalty" aspect of love?)

    But as for finding out the reason behind the "Time to Speak" articled; well it's been around for 30 years so I am not sure what we are waiting for and looking forward to?

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