Sep. 2021 Broadcast: more money

by neat blue dog 37 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • FedUpJW

    What happened to " you received free, give free"?💰💰😉

    That went away with considering Jesus as the savior of mankind.

    As the lyrics to a Bocephus song says:

    Now there are some preachers on T.V. with a suit and a tie and a vest
    They want you to send your money to the Lord but they give you
    Their address 'cause all of your donations are completely tax free
    God bless you all but most of all send your money

    What’s truly sad is that JWs like most “believers” would love to help people if given the chance. Say what you will, but Dubs could probably run an extremely organized Soup Kitchen, and they would be happy to do it, especially if it counted as a “spiritual” activity.

    The blame rests squarely on the cowardly piece of shit, self-appointed, Governing Body. If they are Jesus’ Brothers then his family sucks and if there is a Heaven I’ll tell him that to his face. If there’s a Hell I’ll find the GB and make them wish they could die.

    DD 😇

  • waton
    to drop an IOU in the contribution box

    PZ: talking about IOUs, wt owes a lot of people a lot of dough, for paying full time workers below the going rate, owes apologies, and $$$$ for lost opportunities, income. for working on a mostly useless project.

  • Iamallcool
    • Donate pink workout clothes! They need them very bad!
  • asp59
    Its amusing they never understand the more they let GB members give talks, the worse the org does. They are really sleeping heavy this days. Plus if you gonna be a king in new system, you must be an example of agape in this. This People are fake.
  • jhine

    Data Dog l think that you're right . JWs that l know are nice people .

    It begs the question why don't JWs see the difference between the example set by the apostles and the attitude of the GB .


  • Rafe

    Its because the GB men want people to give their offering money to them, it therefore becomes an act of showing righteous loyalty to Jehovah.

    " You love Jehovah's earthly organization don't you ? "

  • FFGhost

    "We are not leaders, but we are taking the lead."

    "We are not asking for money, but please send us money."

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