How to disorder a JW (family) chat

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  • Gorbatchov

    We all know the moment that a nice family chat is moving to the propaganda game.

    Sister in law saying that is the highest ranked website, cousing saying that the new HQ is energy neutral, aunt stating that jw have the best education...

    What can we say on these moments?

    That br Splane just likes these new light ideas?

    That a video stated that JW use the name Jehovah because people recognize this name?

    The GB decided at second hand that there will no more kingdomhalls build in the US?


    What more?


  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I usually ask my relatives what data they were shown and can show me, to prove these things to be so, or did they simply take their word for it ? Did they see this information in the literature or was it passed on anecdotally from someone else.

    Remember these are imperfect men who can be "over zealous" just like they were back in 1975 and make claims that just aren't true.

  • joe134cd

    Oh God I just bite my tongue and bear it.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    if a bro started using the name yahweh would he be branded as apostate ?

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen
    • Justice McClellan of the ARC said JW had the worst institutional response to child abuse
  • jwundubbed
    "Sister in law saying that is the highest ranked website"

    Among who? Can you provide that citation or tell us where you heard that? If those sources are worldly, then why would you care to be the highest ranked website? How is the ranking qualified? If your website has the highest ranking but only among yourselves and there is only one website then isn't the ranking of it a moot point?

    Honestly, I prefer to get it out of the context they put it in. My family is snarky so I like to put them in their own place. "Shouldn't you be concentrating on those within the organization? It isn't right to put stock in 'worldly' opinions."

    "cousin saying that the new HQ is energy neutral"

    It shouldn't matter. Jehovah doesn't need any building to be energy neutral. He is the ultimate neutralizer after all.

    "aunt stating that jw have the best education"

    Again, why compare the JWs to the world. That line of reasoning will lead you right into Satan's arms. Aren't JWs supposed to be better than the world? If they are, then why would you ever compare them to the world?

    My family hates it when I have a self-righteous answer that puts them in their own place. I get joy out of that. But I also find it impossible to argue with false logic. I find it much easier to just use their own logic against them.

  • darkspilver

    "Sister in law saying that is the highest ranked website"

    Among who? Can you provide that citation or tell us where you heard that?

    Sister-in-law: "Yes".....

    Alexa (an company)

    No.1 -


    No.1 -

  • jwundubbed

    @darkspilver, So... it is right up there with other religious sites like the LDS and the horoscope websites? And actually, it isn't the number 1 ranked website... it is the number one ranked among religious websites. I don't see what the qualifications are to the ranking system.

    But again... why would you care if your website is number one among all those other worldly evil sites? Should that matter? Do you think Jehovah wants the website of his organization to be compared to all those other evil and sinful sites?

    See... they can present any information that you ask for and you can still shut them down with their own arguments.

  • joe134cd
  • slimboyfat
    That's amazing

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