Plastic Surgery

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  • Mum

    As far as I know, the Bible is silent on the subject of cosmetic surgery - and colorful socks, for that matter. Their chief priority is image. The JW ideal image is no image. I believe that not everyone was meant to blend in to the background. That's why I love Dolly Parton.

  • sir82

    I don't think they have anything in writing on discretionary plastic surgery. At least I don't ever recall reading anything.

  • raven

    QUARTERBACK- Too funny about daddy makeover.

    SEVAN- Wow, yea I can imagine how irritating it would be to see someone just enjoy a lavish life style especially when you're working your butt off paycheck to paycheck- was this woman in the org? Totally agree with you about pregnancy taking a toll women, I have no problem with surgeries, but just from a JW standpoint you'd think they would continue to be opposed to it ( I found an article on plastic surgery on JW. ORG ) since the end could be "any day now"

  • truth_b_known

    Modest colors? I guess Satan made those nasty old immodest colors and we should avoid them.

  • blondie
  • blondie

    *** g04 12/22 p. 6 Pitfalls in the Pursuit of Beauty ***

    For Christians, having cosmetic surgery is a personal decision. Still, vital factors should be considered. For a more in-depth discussion, see Awake! of August 22, 2002, pages 18-20.

    -------There is a difference between cosmetic and plastic surgery

  • raven

    BLONDIE - Yes this is the article that I was referring to!

  • Sevan

    Raven - yeah, she was and is a JW. Yet has lived a total double life for years. Example: she has the kids afraid of Christmas, yet secretly celebrates. She dresses like a prostitute, not exaggerating, when she's not around JWs. She has tons of close worldly friends. She's had secret worldly boyfriends for years and she would give the kids to us extra nights and weekends so she could spend extra time with them (we already have split custody and she already barely works). She recently secretly married a guy that we didn't find out about until after they got married. So my kids have a new step-dad. Seems to be a nice guy so far, so that's good. Unfortunately, she's roping him into the cult. She's a very controlling person, so she looks for passive, easy to control guys and it looks like she found one. She is a complete narcissist and pathological liar. I know that she lied about what she was making to the courts because I tallied up her rent, car payment and some other bills I knew she had and the number she gave the courts was at least $1,000 short. There are so many other things, I could go on.

    Anyway, I wouldn't care about most of these things if she wasn't presenting herself as a super righteous and pious person to the kids and indoctrinating them into the cult. And boy are they indoctrinated big time. Hopefully, I can help them wake up as they get older and start thinking more for themselves.

  • raven

    SEVAN- I have never ever understood why so many people in the organization ( I know a few that sound like this woman ) can live life like this.. And yet they're never brought to the back room like those of us who have (me) had relations before marriage with ONE PERSON. Not dabbling in men one after another, living lavish, "bad" association, and taking advantage of people in the congregation.. Doesn't that seem worse than having an intimate relationship with a guy and keeping quiet about it? Gets me going that these people still present themselves as these righteous goody-two-shoes, all while getting cosmetic surgeries, living a seemingly rich lifestyle, ( materialism ) tax fraud, and a haughty attitude. - I don't have a problem if someone is like that, but when they pretend to be something they're not, ( Ex: a perfect Jdub ) then I have a problem and become bitter because I'm going through a $#!t show with the elders right now for " sex before marriage" what a joke.

  • Sevan

    Yeah, she commits tax fraud too according to my husband. The thing is she hides everything and denies denies denies. I found her fake Facebook account under a false name that is just for her double life. My husband mentioned it to her and she immediately took it down. Then put it back up a couple of weeks later under a different false name, lol.

    My husband and I don't care enough about her business to make a deal of it with the elders. Not to mention that if my husband ever tried to get her df'd by bringing up all he knows to the elders, it would be WWIII between her and him and she would make his life hell. Because she's super vindictive like that. She's already put him through the ringer as it is, so he really doesn't want to poke the bear.

    Honestly, I would find that kind of lifestyle exhausting. I don't understand people that put on pretenses like that. Such a waste of time if you ask me.

    Yeah, and I agree with you about the one guy situation. Plus you are not even going anymore, so what do they care? Some elders let stuff slide and some enjoy the witch hunt. Sounds like you have witch hunting elders unfortunately.

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