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  • raven

    Hi everyone- I don't have much of an update on my current situation ( refer to previous posts ) August 1st has past, (the day the Judicial Committee was supposedly held against me- and that I didn't attend, no word on anything as of now, thankfully I am moving to a new home next week which means no more elders sending me spooky JC invite mail!)

    Anyways, I'm getting off the main reason why I'm posting.. So I have tendency to drift off into thought and have discussions with myself, ( I'm not crazy I swear! ) I was thinking today, have we heard any more updates on appearances? I know a year or 2 ago Anthony Morris did that crazy talk on how "SPANX" are too revealing, colorful mens' socks and tight pants are oh so distracting and metro-sexual! I haven't heard anything of recent regarding cosmetic surgery though.. For a good amount of time a while back it was a huge topic of discussion among JW's especially women in the org- Botox, breast implants, tattoos etc.. Has anyone heard anything recently regarding this? I always found it funny that women were getting breast implants, face lifts, or mommy makeovers etc especially since " the end is just around the corner and Jah will make us PERFECT" .. Anyone have opinions on this topic? By no means am I saying I'm opposed to cosmetic surgeries (I had one after exiting the org) - But it just makes me pause and think for a minute especially when women IN the org get these things done assuming tribulation is coming tomorrow.

    What are your thoughts?

  • Bonsai

    Congrats on moving out soon! Hopefully they will leave you alone and let you move on with your life. No idea what the org. says about fashion and couldn't care less!

  • raven

    BONSAI- I agree with you about not caring, but (for me atleast) it's always kind of interesting to just see how tight laced they are when it comes to what you can and cannot do with your own life choices.

  • Bonsai

    My wife used to get counseled a lot in the KH and get summoned into the back room on account of her dresses being hot pink or orange or any other loud color that she preferred ( that's a big no no for Japanese JWs). They told her to tone down the color and be more modest ( in other words keep it black, white, gray, brown, or on a daring day, green).

    I think they just needed an excuse to have some one-on-one time with her in the back room. I'd like to thank the elders for being overly creepy which helped my wife to fade ever more quickly!

  • Quarterback

    I feel embarassed to ask this question. What is a mommy make over?

  • Village Idiot
  • Sevan

    Mommy make over is breast lift/augmentation and tummy tuck/lipo.

    My husband's ex secretly got that done a couple of years ago. She still won't admit to it, even though it's really obvious as she looks totally different and she got huge implants, lol. The most annoying thing about that is that she had us watch the kids for a full two weeks while she recovered and we were killing ourselves with child support payments. (she bought a brand new car right before that too). Hard not to be resentful when you are working your butt off to get by paycheck to paycheck and this lady that is taking a huge portion of that paycheck and working super part-time (only 15 hours a week) is living a lifestyle that you could only dream of. But I digress.

    The reason women get the surgery is that being pregnant/breastfeeding really does a number on a lot of women's bodies. It's a pretty popular surgery combination to get after having kids.

    I'll consider getting it myself if I'm not able to get my body back with exercise after I'm done having babies.

  • Quarterback

    Wow, this is available?

    What about a Daddy make over?

  • zeb

    daddy make over is called a wallet augmentation. You get it by working hours from hell...

  • Saename
    Bonsai - My wife used to get counseled a lot in the KH and get summoned into the back room on account of her dresses being hot pink or orange or any other loud color that she preferred ( that's a big no no for Japanese JWs).

    Is there something in the Japanese culture about the significance (or whatever else) of such colours? If so, would it be the culture of the elderly people or the culture of the young people? Or is it something that the Japanese Jehovah's Witnesses completely made up on their own, presumably while on drugs?

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