Plastic Surgery and JW's

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  • lurkernomore

    Has anyone ever seen any articles on the appropriateness of plastic surgery for wittos? Just popped into my head at work and don't think I can ever recall this even being given a mention at the meetings or in the literature. I guess it would fall into the same sort of bracket as tattoos, but then again looking at some of the mutton in our circuit it looks like they've indulged in this at some point.

  • cultBgone

    Lurker, they can't comment in it when so many elderettes have already done it.

  • blondie

    *** g04 12/22 p. 6 Pitfalls in the Pursuit of Beauty ***

    For Christians, having cosmetic surgery is a personal decision. Still, vital factors should be considered. For a more in-depth discussion, see Awake! of August 22, 2002, pages 18-20.

    -------There is a difference between cosmetic and plastic surgery

  • lurkernomore

    Thanks Blondie!

  • DesirousOfChange

    Well, the Paradise hasn't solved all those problems of aging, so it is no surprise to me that the few JWs who have the financial means to do so are skipping a cruise and getting a boob-job, or a "lift" or a "tuck" here or there.

    Of course, doctors can only do so much.


  • notjustyet

    But what will happen to all those titanium rods and screws holding bones together in the new order? Will they dissapear into think air? Will the same happen to all the sisters that have had breastusist implants? Will they slowly deflate infront of everyone in a roar of " I knew it!!"


  • BU2B

    Well In the new world, the sisters can say goodbye to that boob job... They will be deflated back to normal size

  • blondie

    I know 3 sisters who had their breasts reduced in size.......................

  • LV101

    I was amazed how they'd all run to Utah for plastic surgery where it's much more reasonable. This was yrs. ago and many had already had nose jobs and breast augmentations returning for eye lifts, face lifts, fat removal from thighs. I know a couple of 'sisters' who would travel to their country of origin for plastic surgery where it was very affordable - Guatemala, Viet Nam for all their rhino/breast augmentation, tatooed eyebrows, cosmetic dental work - you name it. They'd work jobs saving for each surgery. Surprized they didn't share their income with the cult - no wonder the cult is demanding monthly pledges from them. I knew a few of them (maybe 3/4 of them) were Barbie dollin' up for their next husband - those evil, worldly, educated, money-making dudes.

    Thus the saying something to the effect if you're not happy with it fix it. Brave gals but they don't have to hear about all the lawsuits from their husband.

  • blondie

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