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  • pepperheart

    Do you think the watchtower will sell off any more kingdom hall after the 3,000 have been sold of and why do you think that

  • LevelThePlayingField

    I think the 3,000 was the low hanging fruit. After those, I think they'll reassess, and if need be sell a few hundred more maybe.

  • alanv

    From a business point of view,it makes total sense for them to sell of some halls. After all they are only used for a few hours each week,if there is only one congregation using the hall. So they are now getting more congs to use the same hall. Of course this shows no regard whatsoever in making witnesses travel a lot further to attend their meetings

  • blondie

    If it benefits the WTS (but not necessarily the members) they will sell them all and have them meet in private homes.

  • polish clarinet
    polish clarinet

    they will become an "on line" cult

  • Giordano

    I agree with Blondie. Back in the day of the Russell era meetings of the International Bible Students were held in private homes. President Eisenhower's parents were pre JW's (Bible students) who had the KH in their living room.

    Then rental Halls turned into Kingdom Halls. Store fronts were also used.

    In the early 1960's after High School I decided to pioneer where the need was great which landed me in a storefront KH in downtown Kane PA and a congo of about 20 to 25.

    One of my jobs was to pay back all of the circuits KH's who had provided a public speaker at my new and needy KH. I think I gave 18 one hour public talks that first year. None of them were alike.We had very few halls who owned their buildings.

    What I disliked the most was winter travel to get to those halls. It was never less then a 45 minute drive usually longer.

    These were small towns/cities surrounded by the Allegheny National Forrest. In winter the heavy snow fall was not always cleared that well....... it was the partial melt then refreeze in the evening that was so dangerous. Just in time for people who needed to get back to their homes.

    I understand from family that they have been merging KH's now causing families long and dangerous drives.

    Pretty soon with an aging group it will be impossible to attend meetings on a regular basis. That's not a bad idea by the way. But gathering together will be missed.

    Imagine inviting worldy people to join you for the memorial which might entail a two hour round trip.

    Imagine seeing a KH you helped build and financially supported for 30 or 40 years be sold and turned into a store or small professional office? Or sit abandoned.

    That's the new JW future........ to be abandoned.

  • EmptyInside

    Yes, I heard the goal is to have 4 congregations sharing one hall. They sale the idea by claiming this helps direct funds to poor countries. And it eases the financial burden on smaller congregations.

    My mother is convinced this actually means growth. I don't understand the reasoning. There has always been a need in third world countries to help build Kingdom Halls. But,in the 80's and 90's in the U.S. they bragged about splitting congregations and building halls. Now,it's the opposite.

    I hear big changes are happening in December,definitely more merging and more Kingdom halls being sold.

    I know a hall here was built by funds from publishers,no loan from the Society. But,they came in and sold their hall. It was one of the original congregations in the area. The congregation merged in with three other halls. If I was still-in,I would be perplexed and sad. Lots of publishers will get lost in the shuffle. It's almost like the Watchtower really doesn't care anymore.

  • Disassociated Lady 2
    Disassociated Lady 2

    If the Borg needs the money they will sell more Im sure. :-/ x

  • Done

    Is there a list somewhere of all the halls for sale?

  • User99

    Why, did you want to buy one?

    I’m waiting for the Armageddon sale prices, personally.

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