'They're preying on my grief' - Widow slams Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • carla

    Fadingtruth, thanks for posting those quotes.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    FADINGTRUTH - Great quotes! However, the society could still say that they have never had a policy of targeting the bereaved. . .. it was individuals who chose to do so. They merely reported such activity in the pages of their publications.

    Not unlike when people sold their homes to pioneer before 1975: at the time, the experiences of such ones were published to encourage others to do so.

    After the failed prophecy, the society says it never said to do such a thing; individuals foolishly did that on their own.

  • stillin

    Low-hanging fruit has always been the target group of the Witnesses. Hey, I was low hanging fruit! You remember the verses in Ezekiel about marking in the forehead, for salvation, those who are sighing and groaning over all of the detestable things. Get them while they're down!

    I have been watching them for years, coming and usually leaving the congregation after a short stay. They are often misfits with various histories behind them like some sort of predator. They just need to feel "normal" for a while before they get back to their regularly scheduled chaos. After their stay with the Witnesses, they actually are better informed and confident. They have "handled" a situation that was designed to entrap them and they have managed to walk away.

    My wife witnesses to people in cemeteries and always claims that it was a "really good conversation."

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