'They're preying on my grief' - Widow slams Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • daveysmithy30


    Just published today on a grieving widow who was sent publications after her husband passed away.

    Unbelievable! No respect or honor at all.

    Your comments and views are welcomed.


  • stuckinarut2

    Yes, disgusting and opportunistic behaviour.

    But what is worse, is the claim by that elder that they don't target such ones! That is an outright lie, as all of us know!!

  • tiki

    They have no couth. Just plain callous and rude. I knew dubs who did that sort of thing...waiting in cemeteries to hit on people leaving an interrment....I was always appalled and embarrassed that my "bros and sis" were doing such a thing.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I hope lots of the lady's family are calling the NZ or OZ Branch to complain. Give the Bethel phone operator a piece of TTATT.

  • Chook

    They know you can't sell a hammer until they need the nail hit, the strike fate of preying on the vulnerable is higher. There is no better product than telling them Freddy will live again, of course we will throw in a panda for good measure. They will quickly offer the resurrection yet not give the homeless man a sandwich.

  • ShirleyW

    Remember a tract called Hope For The Dead? My mom always jumped into action with that one when someone died. Twelve firemen died here in NYC in the 60s and she sent their wives ones with a brief letter, she got a few responses too. Just thanking her and so forth, none I'm sure decided to join the Dubs after reading a flimsy tract

  • dubstepped

    I love that she called them out. Good for her! I'm just sorry they messed with her grieving process. Such a horrible cult.

    Oh, but there's no policy encouraging this type of exploitation, says one elder. F $#! that guy. They certainly encourage such tactics, and there's definitely no policy discouraging such assholery in a cult that has policy discouraging just about anything one can think of.

    Disgusting, inhuman trash is what they are, only thinking of themselves like the narcissists they've been taught to be.

  • scratchme1010

    Just published today on a grieving widow who was sent publications after her husband passed away.

    Unbelievable! No respect or honor at all.

    Your comments and views are welcomed.


    Loss is one of the main reasons a lot of people end up joining a cult. There are some naive people out there who think that somehow "God" has something to do with those unscrupulous opportunists approaching them. Sadly that works in many cases.

    It is disgustingly immoral, but not illegal, and the tactic does work with some people. Good for that lady that was able to see through it all, but that's not the case with many.

    Just sad to hear about.

  • zeb

    An acquaintance was in hospital and the jw would come to visit. In the bed next to her was an aged person dying in the last moments of cancer. One of the elders told me he was going to bring the aged husband some magazines and he was so pleased to say this.

    Imagine the scene where JC is nailed up and dying his last but someone in the crowd says to his mother about the promise of the resurrection. She would be quite chuffed im sure. Now Mary just disregard the brutal scene before you..

    re letters. My mother was one of the ones encouraged by wt to write to people generally when she was disabled and was upset when some were returned. RTS.

  • fadingtruth2

    Jehovah's Witnesses are encouraged to use obituaries to write letters to. JW sources:

    *** g01 1/22 p.7-8 Living Successfully With Your Ailment—How?***

    “I ask a visiting nurse to hold the newspaper for me. Together we read the obituaries and select some.Then I tell the nurse what thoughts I would like to include in a letter to the relatives of the one who died, and the nurse types the letter. With the letter, I send the brochure When Someone You Love Dies, which explains the Bible’s comforting hope of the resurrection. I do this every Sunday afternoon. It makes me happy that I can still share the good news of God’s Kingdom with others.”

    *** g95 6/22 p. 23 How I Benefited From God’s Care ***

    "There I began to share in the ministry by writing letters to people whom the Witnesses had difficulty contacting in the house-to-house ministry. I also read the obituary columns and wrote to relatives of those who had recently died, enclosing comforting scriptures from the Bible."

    *** yb95 p. 47 Worldwide Report ***

    Now 94, she is still busy witnessing. Recently she completed a year of auxiliary pioneer service. She is able to walk a little with a cane—enough to take advantage of the opportunities presented when neighbors, friends, relatives, salesmen, postmen, or anyone else calls. Still she has to do most of her witnessing with a pen. She finds names and addresses in the obituary columns in the daily paper and writes to some of these

    *** km 1/70 p. 8 par. 3 Presenting the Good News—By Letter ***

    "Many in the congregation know that this sister has had good success in witnessing by mail... Some names she gets from the obituary column. Or if there is information in the local paper about new mothers, or engaged individuals, she writes them, sharing good news from the Scriptures to encourage them as they embark upon their new responsibilities."

    *** w67 6/1 p. 345 Letters—Not Outdated ***

    "He had received a letter from a Witness who obtained his name and address from the obituary column in the newspaper. Though the man was a stranger to her, she had written a kind letter explaining the Bible’s glorious hope of a resurrection. The man concluded that surely he ought to look into an organization that would take the time to go from door to door and to write letters of comfort to people."

    *** w56 11/15 p. 688 Preaching by Writing Letters ***

    "At one of the Society’s Bethel homes a brother, close to eighty years old, unable to climb stairs because of heart trouble, sends letters of comfort together with literature to those whose addresses appear in the obituary column because of having lost a loved one."

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