"Psychiatrist is an Admission of Defeat"

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  • deegee

    "The Joy of Jehovah" - the WT's panacea for mental health problems - can't help you if there is something in your biology which is causing your mental health problems.

  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    No harm to them but don't they believe that they are living in CRITICAL times, HARD TO DEAL WITH.

  • zeb

    "Simon..just pretend to be happy!" well said .

    I said to my wife in a recent 'discussion' I got sick of going to the kh and putting on the happy face like so many others do and all the while I was wracked by crushing depression.

    She went to say something and did not but looked amazed.She has not raised the topic for fear of what else may come out (I guess.)

  • GLTirebiter

    Sparky, Jack Daniels #7 is a bit too pricey for a full-time pioneer trying to survive on a part-time job. Rot gut "well drink" whiskey is closer to their price range!

  • caves

    One of the reasons I hardly ever brought it up in therapy. When I have, they have not 'gotten it'. Why bother.

    Ive been the one educating the therapist on it. I should get paid , not the other way around.

    New therapy coming.

    Also I have made leaps and bounds in my mind in 4-5 months on this site than a decade of therapy.

    Much thanks to the owner of this site and many many others here. You have all done what no therapist I have seen has been able to do. YOU ROCK!

  • Vidiot
    Simon - "Their message is basically: 'Don't seek help, just pretend to be happy!'..."

    Yup, fake it till ya make it.

    Funny, I never would have thought the WTS would actually have something in common with Hollywood.


  • RubaDub

    As an FYI to all, Bethel does have a brother who is a psychiatrist on the staff.

    Rub a Dub

  • OrphanCrow
    Rubadub: Bethel does have a brother who is a psychiatrist on the staff.

    Yeah...you have to have two witnesses to your mental health problems in order to get to see him and when you do, he writes you out a prescription for the proper Bibble verses to read that will cure you

  • sparky1

    "As an FYI to all, Bethel does have a brother who is a psychiatrist on the staff." - RubaDub

    Since when? I knew that they had a psychologist on staff since about the late '80's and my understanding was that he didn't really 'practice' full time. Can you give us some specifics as to who this medically credentialed individual is? I have been out of Bethel for 40 years and no longer have any inside contacts and so I would appreciate concrete evidence of your claim.

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