Has anyone seen "The Prodigal Son Returns" on JW.TV? A Masterpiece of indoctrination

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  • TheListener

    Imagine raising kids when your wife watches and believes this stuff and you and the kids do not. When the kids do normal everyday things the wife is silently watching and judging and as soon as anything goes wrong, as it often does in life, the wife pounces.

    I'm only speaking in general terms, my wife would never do this...

  • DesirousOfChange

    This is real JW lifestyle -- except the kitchen is bigger than many JW homes. That 2-story house is at least 3,000SF and on a huge piece of real estate. That's $500K in a modest real estate market or over $1Mil in higher US markets.

    Father is obviously successful contractor (NOT a pioneer-elder who keeps his "eye simple").

    Late teens or early 20-something sons (from wealthy family) who are not already married? That isn't the real JW way. Those boys would have the pick of every JW Hottie Chick and married at 18 so they can have approved sex.

    Contractors (construction crew) having breakfast (and Daily Text) at 7:00 am (or later) and tells the interviewer they typically work 8 hours or less each day. Yeah, that's real life -- that's how you buy that kind of house. NOT.

    It is a very professional looking production. The actors are good except when they are supposed to look stupid (like the younger boys unrealistic naivete and the smart-ass-know-it-all attitude of the slick "worldly JW" kid).

    So this is what JWism is now. Emotion. Soap-opera drama. Where is the doctrine, the Bible, the types/anti-types. Where is the "insider" communication via Holy Spirit that gives JWs the prophetic look into future events. Oh....all of that changes.


  • ttdtt
    Its horrible - imaging the tragedy of having your grown son go out and get a job!!!
  • Hidethevelociraptors

    This video was just to funny to me, granted all jw movies always made me laugh when I wasn't supposed to, but this one is by far one of the worst/funniest. Like everyone has said, the younger brother bit off more than he could chew. Obviously everything was going to fall apart in no time. When he ran out the house crying, after "fornicating" I guess, it was over for me LOL. All I could think of was how Id still be in that apartment showing my okay looking co-worker some deep appreciation for giving me shelter in the rain. Wine and a warm bed when you're basically homeless??? he was unappreciative lol

    When I think about the prodigal son story and how its supposed to be a beacon of hope for parents who's kids have left the org I actually think of my self somewhat. My parents realized that college doesn't guarantee anything BUT its better to have a degree than not in this modern age where even a Masters is becoming the standard for job requirements. My parents were still mad as hell that I decided to leave the org and was able to move out, get an apartment and handle my business successfully.

    To this day my mother is waiting for the moment when I come crawling back for help. Its like they want us to fail so they can say " we told you". Its almost like JW parents want their kids to have to lean on them.

    I've always truly felt that the most of my male jw peers were mentally still teenagers and that's exactly how both brothers came off in this video.

  • ToesUp
    Saw it. I can't understand why the Elders didn't take action against his pricky Brother. What an ass****. He should have been the one reprimanded. He was so jealous of his brother. He did not want the Father to show any mercy/love on the Brother returning.
  • SecretSlaveClass
    I tried to but had to quit within a few minutes to avoid vomitting.
  • freemindfade
    I wanna mst3000 that shit
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Can't handle this shit anymore.
  • Tazemanian-devil

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