Has anyone seen "The Prodigal Son Returns" on JW.TV? A Masterpiece of indoctrination

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  • truthseeker

    I'm watching the JW movie The Prodigal Son Returns.

    It is a masterpiece of indoctination and what I would call a "cult" classic.

    It's about two brothers who work for their father's construction firm. The older one is the most spiritual and the younger one isn't. He befriends Al, a weak brother, who persuades him to take a job in the city and move there.

    It shows the "world" in the worst possible light. Granted (I hate that word), some of what happens does happen in real life but it's not always the case.

    What's laughable is that the father tells his son he's noticed he doesn't underline his Watchtower anymore.

    Movie is here if you feel so inclined...


    There movies are getting slick. They know exactly what message to give. They are masters at deception and indoctrination. Never forget that.


  • Divergent

    The movie starts with 2 single brothers in their 20's not having a proper place of their own & staying with their parents, not having a proper job & working for their dad, not having girlfriends or any love interests..... and ends the same way!

    Lessons learned from the movie - we should stay with our parents, not be independent & financially secure, stay single, do menial work, and pioneer. Great advice indeed!!! (sarcasm intended)

  • Virran
    I've seen it. The word "cheesy" definetly comes to mind. My god...it's like a joke.
  • Darkknight757

    Similar to that "What is True Love?" movie. They make it appear that if you marry a "worldly" or "spiritually weak" person, your life is destined to go right into the shitter.

    These movies are designed to put the "fear of the world" in its observers so they think that it has nothing of value to offer.

  • truthseeker
    Definitely not the religion I left. What happened?
  • Divergent


    Definitely not the religion I left. What happened?

    It's called "rebranding!"

  • BarelyThere

    I felt so inclined to watch that movie shortly after I was DFed, when I still believed it was "the truth." Even then, the acting made me want to gouge my eyes out. Maybe that's a little dramatic 😜

    But now, considering the movie from an outside perspective and not a JW perspective, it's easy to see the logic is flawed. Yes, his life became a mess and it all seemed because he left "the truth" (of course the movie is supposed to be a modern take on the bible story).

    But really, anyone could end up in the situation presented. He wasn't properly educated for a position at work, so of course he would be the first person to be let go. He squandered his money because he chose to live out of his means. These could easily happen to anyone whether they're "in the truth" or not.

    But what the movie (the org) doesn't tell you, that I'm coming to realize, is not being a JW doesn't equal a life in ruins. But unfortunately, a lot of JWs do end up in that predicament because they are poorly educated and don't have sound "real world" skills because they were too busy being taught how to do 'theocratic' things.

    Just my two cents

  • ctrwtf

    Son gets real job. Gasp!

    Son parties and has a hangover. Gasp! Gasp!

    Son has a relationship with a girl. Gasp! Gasp! Gasp!

    Son breakups up with girl and looks at porn! Unheard of!

    His life really goes to pieces when he moves back in with mom and dad and becomes a brain dead cult follower.

  • rebelfighter

    Never a JW but the "Elder" gave me the book on Families to see how I would react. I never did get to fully discuss my feelings on how children were raised in a JW family with the "Elder" but as a single mother of two, one boy and one girl and they were raised the same to enter this big bad world as self sufficient ADULTS. My goal was by the age of 18 they should be able to make life decisions on their OWN!!! When I read in the book on Families that high school students were going to their parents for approval about school activities, the book took flight across the room and my blood pressure went through the roof. At what age will these kids become ADULTS will Mommy and Daddy be holding their hands forever. Both of my kids made ALL of their curriculum and after school decisions and college decisions on their OWN!!! They graduated with honors, have excellent manners and were brought up to believe in God but if they choose to follow a religion that is up to them.

    I do not think the JWS prepare their children for life on their own in the least bit. They are not prepared to make decisions, they are not prepared to live on their own and far from critical thinking about any subject matter.

    Rant over.

  • Divergent


    Son has a relationship with a girl. Gasp! Gasp! Gasp!

    I wouldn't call that a relationship. That was more of a quarter-night-stand!

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