Video about boy to not play violin?

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  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    I've always wondered why JWs play chess when there is an Awake article specifically calling it out. It called is a war game, which is often something used to condemn something.


    So here in my part of the world we have an elder and his entire musician family who runs the local Eisteddfod - That is for the entire City - I have taken part in my younger years [on the Violin]- Now if that is not competitive then what is ? And besides, performing in such events is very good for your overall competence as a musician. Also ALL the sods who are recruited to play in JW Orchestra for their broadcasts etc would have gone through a similar training phase in their own careers. Which in most case involved attendance at an Institution of Higher Learning - ie University ! Then too if you were to try to make it into an Orchestra you would have to "compete" in auditions to get in so that you can earn a buck or two /

  • Lieu

    King David would have a huge sad about the violin playing youngster. Do we think he made all those songs (psalms) to the tunes of crappy harp players? Do we believe there was no process to choose who would play music in the court of the King?

    JW spiritual music is devoid of any feeling and originality. Enough to make any omnipotent diety hearing it scream in agony.

    And how can one "down" competition while proclaiming the virtues of "running the race for life", the biggest competition there is? Isn't everyone trying to win that? You don't win if you don't compete.

    Poor kid. Hell end up a janitor making minimum wage when he could support himself using his skilled musical talent in a local orchestra.

    Why suck the joy out of every aspect of life?

  • eyeuse2badub

    All the brothers and sisters that now 'volunteer' their time to the borg as professional doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, etc. should be disfellowshipped for pursuing higher education. OMG they spent time that they could have used standing by a cart or knocking on doors (hoping that no one was home!)

    just saying!


  • xjwsrock

    When I was a kid the explanation for not joining clubs or sports teams after school was that the time should be spent in spiritual pursuits.

    Guess what i did after school?

    Played ball with kids in the neighborhood.

    It's about control. Kill the dreams.

  • Tech49

    This has been touched on, but I wanted to make sure it was brought out in full.

    Has anyone seen the videos of the songs that are made by WT.? They feature a full orchestra. Many hours are spent by the brothers and sisters at Bethel to put together these instrumental pieces. We are told to APPRECIATE the great gift we have been given with these musical symposiums. Where did they all learn to play so well? Was it just High School band? I seriously doubt it. How many went to a formal, "higher education" program to enhance their skills? I would venture out on a limb and say ALL OF THEM!

    So, playing the violin, or bass, or trumpet, or cello, or flute, or trombone, or guitar, or harp, or drums, etc etc..... for WT music-making is ok....... but encouraging your children pursue their interests so that they can make a living with something they enjoy and are good wrong?

    The blatant hypocrisy is so obvious!!

    I posted this same comment on another thread, sorry for the double post, but this issue brings up so many feelings from my youth. I personally was dissuaded from pursuing higher education in the 80's at something I was so unbelievably good at (not music), and I could have had a full 4-year college scholarship. I vividly remembering sitting in my guidance counselor's office and telling her.."yes, I will NOT be attending college, I have other interests." She had a stack of offers and scholarships on her desk, all I had to do was fill them out. It was a lie, and I tried so hard to convince myself that it wasn't. But I was faking it, I hated that those words came out of my mouth. All she could do was shake her head, and do her best to be positive about the situation. I look back and am disgusted by what others pushed on me.

    The efforts by WT and the self-appointed GB to crush the dreams of our youth is just sick and wrong.

  • stuckinarut2

    Hang on now, the final video at the convention has a pretty "sister" with a violin. How did she learn to play this?

    Maybe they only want hot looking young women to play the violin and not males.!?

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