Does it not dawn on the cart witnesses?

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  • Island Man
    Island Man

    I've heard it said at meetings that they succeed in giving a witness even when no one answers the door or talks to them. They say that their mere presence in the territory serves as a witness to those who refuse to engage with them.

    Then there's the worthwhile accomplishment of making hours to put on their field service report and we all know that having healthy monthly field service statics goes a long way toward the furtherance or maintenance of their social standing in the organization.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    They're just silly people.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    When I pioneered it was the same thing, we lived in the country so it was all just driving and driving and driving, aimlessly, it just drove me crazy and yet everyone else loved it. I just could not understand it. We would pile into our Honda civic sometimes we would get seven in it, that in of itself was totally crazy, make a call in town and then drive 150 miles to a call, than turn around and drive 100 miles the other way and make a call, than go back 50 miles to another call and then go back 100 miles to where we were at the first call and than go back into town and make a call. We would spend sometimes 10 hours doing this and I would be lucky fortunate if I got out once during the day. There was no place to use the bathroom unless you were willing to pee behind some bushes, which I just cannot do no matter how much I have to pee, so I would be sitting in the car so uncomfortable having to pee so badly and than everyone would bring out their lunch and the smell of body sweat and food would make me so nauseous that there was no way I could eat, or else sometimes we would drive back into town so those who refused to use their cars and refused to give money for gas and thus had money would go out to eat and since all of our money went to car gas to drive around aimlessly I would just get coffee while I watched all of the other suck down their food and then pile back into our car and carry on the craziness.

    As I see it I would have loved cart witnessing over what I went through and maybe that's how they see it at least they are not wasting their money on car gas.


  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Island man that is what I was told that even though we were driving aimlessly the Angles were watching and they knew we were at least trying? It made no sense to me than and still doesn't. If there are Angles they would have thought we were crazy.


  • blondie

    Not much different going d2d during times when hardly anybody is home but the dogs (dog houses). I can remember spending 2 hours talking to no one at the door.

    I had a gungho pioneer partner who roped me into do NHs between 5 and 6 pm before she would turn in a territory. We briefly contacted everyone so we could turn in the territory with a clear conscience. Eventually she drifted into the old patterns of jws raised in the WTS.

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    It is all about putting hours on a time slip. If the Gibbering Booty said "Friends, there is no longer a requirement to count hours when you go in service," the bottom would fall out of the "life saving" work in about 3 months.

    What is completely absurd, crazy and stupid is the Witlesses think they have a life giving message that must be given because the end is so sooooooon. If a Witness saw smoke coming out of his neighbors house would he stand outside his house sipping on a latte with a sign that says, "Neighbor, your house is on fire."

    Those minding the they believe that all those walking by will be destroyed at Armageddon? Then why not go up to the passerbys and give them a warning message? Why not engage people in conversation. Why goes stand there advertising for Starbucks or updating Facebook, or telling the latest gossip in the Kingdam Hulls? Because they don't really believe it and it is just putting in hours which is much easier than going door to door where you may actually have to talk to someone if you knock on the door too loud.

    Sour Grapes

  • StephaneLaliberte

    I remember, when I was in, I could go in service without talking to anyone on that day. Many were not at home and many simply did not answer the door. However, I rationalized it like this:

    People see JW going out of their way to teach about "being good in the eyes of the lord". Even if they don't agree with them, perhaps they will think twice about being good people on that day. Perhaps they will NOT do something evil or perhaps they will go out of their way to do something good to someone else. Regardless of their feelings towards the JWs, I hoped that this could be a motivation to do what is right.

    Now that I am out.... I'm thinking that this reasoning wasn't all wrong. However, today, I understand how people are generally better then I thought before. Hence, the positive influence is not merely as big as I had imagined it in the first place.

    PS: I wasn't doing this for the hours. Never did. I didn't mind reporting 4 hours if I had to... had no shame in it. :)

  • antes8080

    Yes is one of the biggest time wasters. I have seen even KH having a table or cart outside. No one ever comes up gets magazine. I have an experienced of a guy who got a magazine in one the carts or tables. The publishers filled out a return visit form for got the actual name of it. My friend asked me to go with him to visit this man. When we got to the door and identify who we where he said " I was just trying to be nice I didn't think you would actually visit me". I wanted to laugh and told my partner we should send this experience to the branch.

    Yes some think angels are directing this work. But I think Angels rather kill people one angel killed over 185,000 Assyrians in one night. Last year baptizim was just over 165,000 in one whole year. Angels love killing people not saving.


    do they never stop to think..


  • pale.emperor

    All of my still-in family do cart witnessing and see it as a real honour, privilege and sign the God is directing the organisation. However, only certain ones are allowed to do cart witnessing. I don't know what the requirements are but they all thought I had a bad attitude when I was in and I used to say I'd never want to do cart witnessing.

    I remember my ministry says, I used to openly make jokes about the fact that we all secretly hope no one opens the door. I got "feather knocking" down to a fine art. One time I worked with a brother younger than me (I was about 28, he was 19) and he knocked REALLY loud, to which I jokingly said "shh! they'll hear you!"... he was horrified and said "they're supposed to hear us!"

    Then he told an elder that I said that.

    Happy times

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