Does it not dawn on the cart witnesses?

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  • jambon1

    I sat in town recently, right in the window of a nice wee pub. Within minutes I realised that I had a perfect view of a JW cart and the two ridiculously dressed JW's (they have absolutely no individuality at all. What's more, they all look like they're going to a funeral)

    Anyway, as I enjoyed the company and the drinks, I kept my eye on the cart. Three hours I sat in that window. My observation?

    Not one! Not one person stopped to so much as glance at the cart.

    Now, I realise that they probably do get the odd person to talk to, but what an utterly ridiculous waste of time/life.

    But it got me thinking; do they never stop to think what a waste of THEIR OWN time this whole charade is? It's completely pointless and worthless work. No one is being warned, the world isn't being 'put on notice'. NO-ONE CARES!

    How are they spinning this activity at the hall? How are they actually getting people to stand like mindless drones whilst being completely ignored by the general public?


  • tiki
    My take is that it just further solidifies the public general view that they are just another crazy doomsday cult. It is obviously an exercise in total mindless futility.
  • TheWonderofYou

    On a business trip in an other town (50.000 population) this week I already had three encounters with literature carts at different frequently passed places in the city.

    1. On wednesday afternoon: next to a gallery and next to a kiosk at a main access road to the center (a man in a warm suit and his daugther stood in the hot afternoon-sun protecting their eyes with sunglasses and looking at me when I looked at her sunglasses and thought, what if she would be my wife, would I stand here with her and sweat? Impression: Wow there message must be important, if a cool girl stands here

    2. On friday morning on a main road next to a farmers market and a discount store.(a young man and an older woman, they were ignored by me, the young man was dresses good. Impression: how clever these jehovahs are everyone who passes by to buy for the weekend can see the trolls.

    3. On friday afternoon: i was downright astonished..again, 2 sisters chatting with each other on the main square in front of the town-hall next to a beautiful lantern, bench and flower-boxes. Next to them a cart. Somehow they and the cart fitted to the scenery. Everybody passed by relaxed and looking for a good place in a bar or restaurant or for an ice.

    Impression: As if everything went its way while the earthy circles in ordinarity and as if the peaceful world of promenaders was the eternal blessing of god and as if the Jehovas people are part of the ordinary city life, a kind of socially engaged people filling a hole in the religious emptiness.

    Last week I had on encounter in front of a metro in the capital too, of course I would never speak to them. Impression: there was such a rush, not really a place for communication.

    So at least I noticed that these carts exists and that Jehovahs people starred a tme when I looked at them.

    It seems that It is more acceptable for the Jehovahs to use the trolleys than to stand on the street with the watchtower and awake in the hand alone.

    Its hard to say how people "put notice" in general, what they think, because the message has changed a little bit from armageddon to family bible study. They will hardly talk about Armageddon to the promenadors first. Some may even look at it positively, a positive social message of hope in a time with horrible news but not looking behind. I think many people are tolerant towards religious groups althoug not interested.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    jambon - it's all about the monthly report, as we all know. They couldn't care less whether people talk to them or not.

    Three hours in the pub???? Did you tell your friends, "Take me drunk, I'm home!"? :)

  • ttdtt

    Well - think of it like this.
    They get to FEEL the are Slaving for the Lord - while doing absolutely nothing.
    The only thing better would be if they could do this at home.
    They even get to take turns sitting in the car - or going for coffee.

    Service has become so much easier - almost every other month there is some campaign where all you do is hand out flyers without having to get into a conversation.

    And now you have Carts where all you do is stand.

    I bet it won't be long till the Pio hrs requirement is dropped again (was 90 when I was doing it) then it will be a great shout of praise when the rolls increase:)

  • WingCommander

    My take?

    1.) They get in their hours.

    2.) If the occasional lonely old senile senior citizen or mentally incompetent person DOES happen to show some interest, while then "Jehovah must have drawn them near."

    That is what they think anyway, that Jehovah draws those near whom He chooses, so it doesn't matter how little the R&F do, or how many people pass by, it's all on Jehovah. Which begs the question: With Jehovah being able to read hearts and judge, and with Him drawing those near whom He chooses, why even bother with the field ministry in the first place? Seems like a huge waste of time. Oh wait, I forgot.......It's a cult!

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    My grandson did a class report on the effect of cart Witnesses in Chicago. His

    finding, the hours he watched not one person stopped to talk. He observed people

    looking the other way when passing the cart and the JW's seem not to be interesting

    in talking to anyone. He concluded the Witnesses are definitely advertising in his area, their

    carts are everywhere. Is it a waste of time? Well maybe but their God (Jehovah) name is out there in

    the faces of folks.

  • sir82

    But it got me thinking; do they never stop to think what a waste of THEIR OWN time this whole charade is? It's completely pointless and worthless work. No one is being warned, the world isn't being 'put on notice'. NO-ONE CARES!

    The same paragraph applies with equal weight to door-to-door preaching. The failure rate of that enterprise is 99% and rising.

    Witnesses love it because they "get their time" and they don't have to talk to anyone. It's even better than a whole morning of 100% "not at homes" because they don't even have to move!

    The WTS doesn't care if it is effective or not. Door to door is astoundingly ineffective, yet they still do it. So long as JWs feel they are doing something important, the purpose is served.

  • stuckinarut2

    It's a win-win for witnesses...

    If they get the "privilege" of being chosen to do the cart work, they are able to be big fish in small bowls (ie, very important amongst fellow witnesses)

    And they get to count time easily.

    And if people of the public ignore or ridicule them, it plays right into the "persecution" complex, or the "they took no note" mentality that fuels the whole religion!

  • jambon1


    Well, I neve realised only SPECIAL witnesses get to do it. I thought it was open to everyone.

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