It was never, ever, a warning work, was it?

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  • Ultimate Axiom
    Ultimate Axiom

    I can concur with snugglebunny. In the early 70s we certainly did believe we were doing a vital warning work, and our field service rendezvous points were usually pretty well attended every day, and quite a lot of us were very zealous about the message we had and the role we thought we played. Once I saw through the nonsense of passages like 2 Peter 3:9 it did become merely a matter of putting in the time. And in my last year I quite often didn’t even bother knocking on the door. When I could get away with it I just pretended I did, waited a suitable time, and then moved on. Whether those today feel they are doing a vital warning work I can’t say, but the evidence is they don’t. But do they actually believe the end is near? My sister certainly did, and in her last days of cancer treatment last year, her greatest disappointment was that she would not live to see the “signs in the sun and the moon” that were coming so soon .

  • sir82

    Yeah, back in the early 70's it was a lot more urgent.

    Nowadays, the OP paints a perfect picture of field serve-us. 90+% of all JWs have all the urgency of a kid eating overcooked mushy brussels sprouts.

  • ab.ortega

    I agree, it's all just a big social group to many people. Plain and simple. .

  • millie210
    Actually it wasn't for me. I really meant it. Perhaps that's why I don't feel so frustrated that I've totally wasted the first thirty years of my life. At least I lived authentically and when I realised the religion wasn't about love or caring about peoples' survival that helped me to leave.
    I'm not the only one who feels this way but sometimes we feel bad admitting we really believed it and tried to help people. We shouldn't feel bad IMO because always living authentically shines a light on bullshit and helps you, eventually, avoid it.
    My feelings exactly.
    Just because they werent who they purported to be, doesnt mean I wasnt.
  • Ding

    It's hard to have a sense of urgency when you're standing next to a stationary literature cart all day, talking to no one, and when your only message is, "Visit the JW website."

    Likewise, "just around the corner" hype only works so long.

    It was the promoting of specific dates that stoked the urgency for the door to door work -- 1914, 1925, and 1975 especially.

    Younger JWs have never had a definite date to motivate them.

    As far as older JWs are concerned, it's impossible to have the same level of urgency you once did once you've approached the announced finish line and suddenly realized it was a mirage, a mistake, or a scam.

  • DesirousOfChange

    At least in recent years/decades, it was never anything but BUSY-WORK. I even think many today accept that fact, but rationalize it by saying "it keeps [young] witnesses busy and out of trouble. . . . Doc

  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    I agree with all of you. I feel this is a religion of folks who need attention to be validated...Jehovah doesn't need any of us to spread the good news, as the bible says, he could have used stones or rocks, I forget. The hours validate us not God. It also keeps some busy who otherwise would be getting into who knows what, maybe twirling on barstools....This is a religion that makes one feel a are a part of many of you have's mainly a social setting. There is something happening every's like a can jump on or off the social carousel when you want...The org. tries to keep us busy & together...aka: INBRED...

    I've heard some say, Oh, I don't have enough hours this month...then I say to myself...shouldn't the statement be, I didn't get any studies this month....but their main concern is's not about the message....again, it's about the hours. Then we have aux.pioneers & regular pioneers saying OMG, I didn't make my hours this month...I want to say so bad, you did it to could've been a good publisher, but NOOOOO, you wanted to hear your name from the platform ....Sister or Brother so & so, is now an Aux. P or Reg. P...we clap, they get validated...& all is well. They feel good about themselves, then when they realize they just may have bit off more than they can chew, then they stress about not enough hours...but never saying...Gee, I've been out there x amount of hours...& no converts...

    As many of you have said, it's not a warning message...& did Noah run around with a message...I don't think so...he had an ark to build...his ministry was building the ark, & having folks asking him, What are you doing? Noah most likely was saying...God told me to do it because he's gonna flood us out in the near future...Most likely Noah was aux. know the working pioneers that are in the congregation. They are another breed as well, this is their story, " Gee, it was hard to get my hours this month...YOU KNOW I WORK". I want to say, yeah, I know you work, have a family & husband...but why did you do it...what guilt are you working off or what are you trying to avoid...I think some folks like to be excessively busy, that way they don't have time to listen to any of the friends, just busy...doing...NOTHING. Many don't believe it's the last days, but to keep up the façade they have to say it...Wonder what the young folks are's the end, you mean I won't be alive long enough to get some sex...what a bummer...

    I go out in service when I can...I enjoy it because, if I can get someone to just open up their bible & their minds & that there just may be something bigger out here then oneself...Or even if I can bring a smile to someone, then I've done my job...

    The motivation behind what they do is the big question, do you want hours or converts....I think I answered my own question, HOURS... Oh, yes & return visits...I've been on a few & the folks just ain't checking for us, they are being polite.

    Again, as's a social club...a place for misfits to belong...


  • Londo111

    Very good OP.

    If only JWs actually went around warning people, the public would instantly recognize that they are an apocalyptic cult.

    The message is moderated and watered down to be appealing. But even so, actions speak louder than words. JWs have made wasting time a science.

  • redvip2000

    Every Auxiliary Pioneer is asked by fellow Witnesses, "Have you done your hours yet?". I've never heard an A.P. asked, "Have you started any Bible Studies this month."

    Good point. Shows what the priority is. But this applies to pretty much every JW, not just pioneers. I know for me preaching was everything but a thought about saving people. I spend most of the time looking at my watch waiting for the moment where I could finally go get lunch. When someone opened the door, i was subconsciously displeased because I knew it would lead nowhere. The main motivation to go preaching was the fact that I didn't want to reach the end of the month and have no hours to report.

  • Ding

    Imagine you were involved in a real lifesaving warning work, such as warning people about an imminent volcano eruption.

    It wouldn't be necessary for some organization to keep track of your time and guilt you into putting in the hours.

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