It was never, ever, a warning work, was it?

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  • BluesBrother
    Do they really believe that the work they're doing involves the eternal lives of each person they find? If they do, they're shit at it.

    Could not be said better ,,, It did 40 years ago in the seventies but then it fell back to normal . One may contrast this with the International response to the Ebola outbreak. People left their homes , risked their health - all to save lives of strangers , it was urgent

    As has been said , life "in the truth" today is a social club of ministry, meetings and lots of chit chat. Does anybody want to talk about what they have just heard? No way.!

  • steve2

    It was certainly a warning work in the build up to 1975. The old adage re the burning house was used over and over when people objected to the frequency of witnesses calls.

    Yes it definitely was a warning work in the build-up to 75. Also, if you check the literature from the early to late 1930s, JWs were cookin' and growing exponentially. Meetings were often way longer than 3 hours 3 times a week (so my mother told me) and JWs were active in the literal sense of the word. They were known for putting their foot in the door and as door-to-door knockers they were known to be chased out of small towns. For a while, Rutherford stirred up the rank and file to hold protests outside major churches.

    Nowadays, active means inactively standing by a literature cart.

    "This good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth."

    Earlier generations of JWs would have considered it a travesty to annex the part of that key text that states, "...and then the end will come."

    In turning to, you do not get a sense of urgency - but there are lots of airbrushed displays of JWs actively showing people the literature - interestingly, no shots of jws sitting idly whilst passersby ignore them.

    BY the way, has anyone else noticed that the key scriptural text on the homepage is Matthew 24:14 where the part about the end coming is not included:

  • Listener

    If you become a pioneer you get to go to pioneer school, you may even get to go to Gillead or couples training. Yet if they were sincere, the information provided at these schools would be available to every JW, it's not like they didn't have the capabilities to put it in print.

  • Nevuela

    Black Sheep With people like that, I just say to them "Well, God knows the truth, and I'm pretty sure He doesn't approve of you lying, especially about His word." Of course, most of them are delusional enough to be able to commit the mental gymnastics necessary to keep themselves in the right, so it usually ends up being pointless. :p

  • LongHairGal

    If it was really a warning work they would use the media!

    The Witness "preaching" work is just a visible yardstick by which to judge how faithful the Witnesses are!

  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    I remember going door to door with some of the friends when I was a teenager. One dub friend I would work with in the ministry, to look good he would pretend to knock on the door and just hope no one would come to the door. If they did he would just say I have the watchtower and awake magazines, he might as well said, "you really are not interested are you?"...

    I always hated the time thing as to me most of the dubs were not doing it for the right reasons but only to pad their monthly totals. My sisters when they first met my girl friend were as nice a pie to her, only to ask her to attend a meeting or assembly. I warned her that they only look at her as a potential bible study so they can just count the time on their ministry report.

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