Perfect Example of JW Dumbing Down

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  • thedepressedsoul

    Just take a look at this video. I think arguing or debating scriptures is the most pointless thing ever. However, this video shows how little JW's even know anymore. Everything at their meetings are so basic with no explanation.

    She could not defend spiritual Israel and wanted to run away. It's actually kinda sad how JW have fallen.

    It's also sad I use to think JW would own anyone in a bible debate.

    Seems all they know anymore is that they should obey Mother.


    I couldn't watch it. The propaganda makes me ill. I'm sure this Sister will be interviewed on stage; an example of overcoming apathy in field service.....😵


  • thedepressedsoul

    I'm 99% sure they went back to the car and she told the group how crazy this guy was with his beliefs and lack of bible understanding. How she is so grateful to have the truth.

  • freddo

    Well the householders had whacky beliefs too. I thought she (the younger of the women) did well in the circumstances and had a good depth of JW knowledge and their interpretation of the bible.

  • baker

    Wow, these 2 true Israelites turned the tables on these 2 door knockers. They had to leave when they started the conversation on animal sacrifices.

  • cobweb

    my thoughts:

    1) doing first call using a video is just ridiculous. why can't they just talk?

    2) trying to find scriptures in the bible on a tablet just doesn't work well unless they are the pre-selected verses that you happen to have memorized. This video illustrates the problem pretty well.

  • Steel

    Those guys are some form of messianic Judaism or Jews for Jesus or something. I wouldn’t consider them a cult but their theology is somewhat out there but they are generally harmless.

    The ironic part is that JW lady was so stupid she was actually defending more than an evangelical position about how the god’s people became the body of Christ instead of the Jewish people at the day of Pentecost. My god , she could have been a Baptist for all they knew.

    Of course no good JW tells you about the Harry Porter part of how god picked them in 1919 and in 2012 the Holy Spirit was given to only magnificent seven and only though your works and obedience to the golden calf you will survive the impending Armageddon. Or most of them are too stupid to really know what they believe anyway.

  • TheWonderofYou

    The sister is very sympathic. Its a pitty that those sisters are not sent to us DFSed to explain us in detail the LAW OF LOVE without bible, but instead discuss endless with funny Israelites.

    The subject that was discussed in the beginning was the evil in the world, who is the wicked. The Israelites said that the wicked are people of Edom. That was surprising change of argumentation. And then to the nation of Israel.

    The householders expected obviously that the JW are more well-versed in the bible if they go door-to door and abused the visit for their purpose.

  • Freeandclear

    I can't believe I was ever a part of this...... Watching this makes my skin crawl. It's all so absurd. All of it. The Bible, arguing with people at the doors and being so passionate about it.... It's just insanity to waste what little time we have here doing this shit. And that guy knew his way around his bible and his beliefs way more than those two "sisters". Shame. As you said, so dumbed down now.....

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    The women were preached too at the door, I will be back their famous words.LOL

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