Elders encouraging young ones to live in a fairy tale

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  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill
    we've always been discouraged from putting money in pension plans because we'd never need one.

    Oh, yes! That priceless gem of wisdom in the Awake of May, 1969, quoting Nathan Knorr himself and assuring our generation that we would "never grow old in this system of things." It was stated in so many words, AND put in writing.

    Let the apologists try weaseling out of that one!

  • nowwhat?

    When I was a kid in the 70's the elders would give talks encouraging the pioneer life. Then they would pull out of the parking lot in their mercedes, jaguars and Porsche s

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Phoebe notice how it was those who were conscientious JWs who have come off the worst............

    Those halfhearted ones who hedged their bets and got educated and a good job or a pension were ok.

    Of course the governing body have all they need in this life and as my non-JW mother used to say sardonically when in a good situation, "all this and heaven too!"

    The GB have a lot to answer for -- don't ever listen to them.

  • Tenacious

    That elder will eventually pay with his life. His pretty little house, shiny car, European destination, and cushy bank account won't be able to save him when he's on his deathbed begging for Christ to forgive him for being a maggot.

    Go to sleep sir you've had your fill. Now, it's time to face reality.

  • tiki

    After floundering in poverty and trying that pioneer route (1969 into 70's) and feeling like an abject failure all around I started working full time....married a man who was making an excellent living and got the flack about not needing to work, pioneer, etc.....found working preferable to being stuck in a car of gossiping geese riding around knocking on doors of homes where people were out in society working for a living.... Oh yes...I was "materialistic"..... And damn....I'll take that over poverty martyrdom any day.

    Kids need to get educated and get meaningful careers, jobs...what suits their talents and abilities. Wasting time in a meaningless pursuit that that religion fosters is sad...stupid...and unnecessary.

  • Xanthippe

    Yeah when I was pioneering and living in a freezing rented apartment all the elders had big houses and several cars. To add insult to injury the elders asked me and my pioneer husband to put the circuit overseer up when we'd only been married two months. Because we had plenty of money to feed them!

  • WTWizard

    There are plenty of missed opportunities that jokehovians are going to have to deal with. Suppose I put some of the money I wasted supporting this filth into silver at 4 toilet papers per ounce. I could have had a decent sized stack at those prices--a few ounces a week (you could have bought 5 ounces with each of those 20's that got put in that box) adds up.

    As for college, it is not perfect because people can and do end up with huge debts with a worthless piece of paper to show for it. But, that choice should be made by the individual instead of a religion that is going to steal their money and their time. Pious-sneering is a complete waste of money, plus it prevents getting a decent job even if college is not required.

    They miss out on fun, too. In big cities, you might find people that speak Spanish or French in the territory, but those are reserved for the Spanish or French territory (and, in some cities, you might have some Oriental language or Italian). Do you actually get to learn one of those languages? I don't think so--and, if your choice of language is not one spoken by that many, you are not going to be learning it at all (such as German, Polish, Russian, Dutch, or whatever other language you might find interesting).

    And do they get to learn anything else? Like programming your computer? Taking food supplements to take care of your health? Buying hobby silver (hobby silver is silver coins with high premiums and high collection value, as opposed to investment silver which carries less premium and is more common)? Or, other hobbies? Or, learning to play a musical instrument? Or fine cooking? I doubt it.

    Of course, the children miss out on fun right now, too. They have to waste their time on Grand Boasting Sessions. How many of them have been to two or more different fun venues within the same driving distance and budget as those wastefests? Not very. Do they even get to play? Never mind that they got nothing, not even coal, for Christmas. Do they get to play with anything? Or, they are "better off with nothing" because that way, they will not have any options other than field circus and boasting sessions? That, too, can leave children ill prepared for life, just as losing college can.

  • Phoebe

    Absolutely WTWizard

    It's not just about education, careers and financially stability...it's life kids are missing out on,

    My husband (not born in) was chatting to someone about what they did as kids on Saturday morning..watch cartoons, Saturday morning movies at the local cinema etc. The fun they had!

    It made me realise I just didn't have a childhood at all. My weekends were Saturday morning ministry, sometimes Saturday afternoons too and Sunday morning ministry and then the meeting. All this as a small child. No fun whatsoever. Every weekend ministry and meeting. We had no choice and history repeats itself over and over again.

    My husband took up guitar lessons and a pioneer (who clearly felt he shouldn't be having lessons) told him she'd like to learn to play guitar but she belonged to the AA Club...After Armageddon.

  • redvip2000
    My weekends were Saturday morning ministry, sometimes Saturday afternoons too and Sunday morning ministry and then the meeting. All this as a small child. No fun whatsoever. Every weekend ministry and meeting. We had no choice and history repeats itself over and over again.

    Btw, how lucky are we, that we don't have to do that garbage again. Sometimes I get home on Tuesdays nights, and realize that I don't have to get dressed up and go to a meeting to listen to regurgitated garbage, and I get happy. I can stay home and do whatever i want.

    Likewise on Sunday morning I wake up and realize I don't have to get dressed and go out to get rejected and get door slammed in my face, preaching lies and deception. Instead, i can get up make a nice breakfast, then decide to do something fun, or just stay home and watch games or do something around the house.

    I know all of us lost time in the cult activities, but at least we got out in time to enjoy ourselves.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    "So one of the elders at the meeting tonight addressed to parents in his talk, “If your child wants to flip burgers for the rest of their life, because that’s is the only job that will allow them to have a schedule for full time service, you would want to support them the best you can.”

    I wish I were at that meeting just so I could have raised my hand and said:

    "It's easy to advise others to live in poverty when we ourselves can take expensive vacations and live in a large home with an addition".

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