2016-1-25-BOE on Applause or Clapping!

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  • Gorbatchov

    This is not about religion and belief. This is about the JW lifestyle, behavior rules and regulations.

    I would like to know wat a normal thinking JW will think about this.

  • Magwitch

    Couldn't the GB have provided more helpful guidance on how long and loud "Christian" applause should be?

    I agree! I sure hope we have a video on JW.org showing us a demonstration on "Let Us Clap Two Hands Together (Not too loud and not too long) in a Way That Brings Praise (Not shame) to Jehovah and His People"

  • sir82

    Couldn't the GB have provided more helpful guidance on how long and loud "Christian" applause should be? Perhaps a soundtrack with exact specifications?

    What would be most helpful would an exact count of how many claps should be performed.

    Since God is a "God not of disorder, but of peace", it makes sense to have the claps coordinated & synchronized to be simultaneous as well.

    Maybe there could a "clap coordinator", who would take the stage when such an announcement was about to be made.

    Once the reinstatement is announced, the clap coordinator could stomp his foot 3 times. The 3rd stomp would be the signal to commence exactly 7 (the perfect number) claps, to be performed in time with additional foot stomps to mark the timing.

    We ought to have this demonstrated for us, of course, since it is obviously one of the "deep things of God". Perhaps we can expect a video presentation of a "reinstatement stomp-n-clap" so we all understand how exactly it should work.

    Families should prayerfully consider practicing the reinstatement stomp-n-clap as a part of their family worship.

  • OverlappingGeneralizations

    "If the publishers choose to applaud, the elders should not discourage them from doing so"

    There's something wrong with the past/present tense in that sentence. How can the elders discourage you from doing something you already did? Or did they expect the elders to yell "Hey! Stop that! Hey!!" when people started applauding?

    I want to be the first guy to stand up and do the dramatic slow-clap when the next reinstatement is announced.

  • LevelThePlayingField
    The org feels the need to have a say or control on everything. I can see where at other churches if such a thing were to happen, where if there was an applause or not an applause it simply would or would not be. Then in another church of the same denomination it either would be or wouldn't be. They wouldn't have to have their headquarters write a letter stating whether it was appropriate or not. They would just let it be as it is, and that would be that. Simple and plain.
  • jaydee
  • smiddy

    Next thing you know they will be clapping when someone dies for refusing a blood transfusion.


  • OverlappingGeneralizations
    Ooh! Does this mean that we can boo when somebody gets disfellowshipped? It's only fair.
  • pixel

    How about if they start selling "Applause Plastic Hands"? Of course all the proceeds will go the WT Fund.

  • stuckinarut2

    "Well there is supposed to be joy expressed by angels in heaven when one sinner repents...so why not clap?"

    That was my comment to an elder one day who then proceeded to tear shreds off me for even suggesting such a thing! He said that would be glorifying the sinner and bringing undue attention to them!

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