What was your reputation in the congregation?

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  • JH

    So, were you considered SPIRITUAL? Were they proud of you? What was your reputation like in your congregation?

    In my case, I started strong, attending ALL meetings, even before baptism, gave lifts to everybody without a car, generous with money, always saying yes, aux. pioneering 5 months a year. A couple of privileges and rising fast, UNTIL, I was deceived and I saw their hypocrisy towards me, so I went completely downhill, and became a NO man, and missed half the meetings, and I became rebellious. So I guess they only remember me for my inactivity, than when I was productive.

    What was your reputation?

  • Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.
    Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.

    Much like you JH. Worked hard at trying do all that was expected, and then more. Reached the lofty rank of MS and being trained for eldership, but by then interest was waning - spiritual burnout and beginning to view everything happening in the org with a different perspective.

    Reputation suffered - but by then I couldn't give a stuff. And now, the loving brothers only recall that such a person in our position is nothing but an apostate, and give no thought to any 'good' that may have been accomplished by that person.

    Now I have the reputation in the cong as being an Apostate. And proud to be so!

    cheeses - whose name alone is a reputation.

  • be wise
    be wise

    Mine was quite good. I attended all the meetings, kept my mouth shut except when being fed as part of the bend over and get buggered class. Did good talks, I was quite young, they all thought my mother did them. Went on service regularly (I was shit though, never hardly placed anything). I also went to them really sad get-togethers where no one has anything to say until someone brings the WT study into it or something (God as if we haven't had enough of that mind nulling .... already), this was torture but I could even look like I was enjoyed it. I could also sit up straight and pretend I was listening at the meetings, this is a fine art. Oh yeah and I never questioned anything, and I mean anything.

    I was zee perfect JW. Hale the WT.

    be wise-One of the many great pretenders-

  • Francois

    My reputation was that of an unreformed libertine.


  • NaruNaruChan

    I was an aspiring young sister, outgoing and friendly, willing to do anything for Jehovah. I was known for my generousity and friendliness no matter what... never did the slow burn, I DAed (but they said disfellowshipped when I was announced ... grr) while in great standing so I'm known now as a "What ever happened to...?"

  • DIM

    I think Funchback may be able to attest to this...I was viewed as sort of wild, sort of a womanizer (until I met Michalina!)....If listening to Public Enemy and The Beastie Boys loud out in service and having silly relationships between ages 16 and 19 is wild, guilty as charged!

  • minimus

    Whole family= excellent exemplary examples



  • shamus

    At first, wow! What a good boy!!!!
    When they found out that I wasn't going to take their shit - then, woo - not so good - then - oh, he's bad assosiation.....


    Got tired..........

    Told a few elders to get stuffed.......

    Quit going.

    Haven't been happier!

  • Austrian

    I was born into the Jdubs but never had a good rep. I was reproved 4 times before I decided to stop going. The first time was for drinking at age 16. The second was for knowing about sex and drugs going around amongst some of the youth. The third was for partying all night with an elders visiting niece, no sex involved. The last was for having sex with a girl in the cong. The funny thing was I never really showed any repentence, they just wouldn't DF me. Maybe it was because I had so much dirt on so many people. I was always known as one you could party with and I would never tell...

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