A Man about a Dawg!!!

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  • Defianttruth

    One of the things I could never understand is people handing over absolute control to these charlatans. I know over the years they have bashed owning pets for various reasons. Complete Stupidity. So if you're a lurker and decided not to get a pet because some old men in Brooklyn "told you so" this is what you are missing.

    I have been into winged shooting for many years. It may seem barbaric to you, but it helps to balance my soul. I had been hunting on private "pay to use" places for years, when I decided to buy a place and manage it the way I wanted to. It would be nice because I could use it when ever I want. When I got my place and got it up off the ground, I grew tired of losing birds or having to wade through sloughs and ponds to retrieve them. So the obvious answer was to purchase a bird dog.

    I did 6 months worth of research before I found the breeder and trainer, I would finally chose. This is a top notch facility. He will not just sell to anyone. You must first finish a training program before he will sell you a dog. That's right the dog trainer wants to train the human before he will give you a dog. (I know what you're thinking just get a rescue dog and all that. We already have one of those and he is my wife's dog.) After several trips to finish my human training part of the equation, I was getting impatient. I was making trips and spending time here and we hadn't even talked about which dog would be mine. So basically I would spend a whole day working with his dogs and other peoples dogs to get me trained. What I didn't know was the trainer was also evaluating which dog I had the best chemistry with. There was this one dog ,who during our breaks, would come around and hang out with me, His name was Rocket.

    Rocket would seek me out and I would seek him out during the breaks to play. I thought Rocket was another customers dog. Then one day, I asked the trainer when would I get to decide which dog is mine. He said in his thick southern drawl with his Yoda like mastery of his craft, "Well son, I think ole Rocket has chosen you. I don't think you have a choice in this anymore." I was super stoked because he was the dog I wanted and now he would be mine.

    Rocket is a Black Lab. He got is name because when he is released on a retrieve, he launches at his target like a meat missile. He's fast, focused and fun to work. Some dogs like to retrieve and hunt. Some dogs do it because they have been forced to do it. Not Rocket. He loves it. You have never seen joy like this dog getting up to go hunting. Everyday It is Christmas morning. When he sees the shotgun his tail wags so hard, his hind paws slide back and forth across the tile in our house.

    Our day starts with him making long growling, yawning ooooooos. He sleeps in a bed on the floor on my side of the room. The next thing I here is the smack smack of him flapping his jaws for the first time of the day. I then brace for it because I know its coming. Bam!!! wet nose to the face. "Okay I am up." We meander to the kitchen for breakfast rituals. Next, we run. We love this time together. The fresh new day just the two of us out for a jog. It is like we were designed to run together. It helps to clear our heads. Then I get ready and we are off to work.

    Yes, Rocket goes to work with me. My assistant's office is next to mine. She likes to make fun of us because I talk to Rocket all day. I ask him questions and we have complete conversations about work, family, and everything else. In between our conversations, Rocket's naps, and his trips to My Assistant's office for treats (Rocket knows he's not supposed to have and Madonna knows she's not supposed to dole out) we work our day away. Clients, employees, and visitors come and go, but Rocket is there.

    I can't explain it. This little black dog and I are a team. We have a bond. My life is better because he is in it. My life would be really sad if I would have listened to old men in Brooklyn.

  • Diogenesister

    Love it.....Biiiiirrrrrrrrrddd daawwwwwwg..🎵🎶

    Dogs always choose their owners, that's how its supposed to work. My dogs have always chosen me. Anyone who knows dogs knows that.

    They choose us millennia ago...we are alike. Born to hunt...born to run our prey down. Beautiful.

  • LisaRose

    Great story. The bond between people and their animals can be amazing. As I read this my cat Lizzy is curled up on my legs. Lizzy picked me out at the animal shelter but I had to leave her for a few days to get fixed. When I went to pick her up she escaped from the shelter volunteer and immediately jumped into the cat carrier I brought, she wasn't taking a chance I was going to leave without her.

  • Finkelstein

    I know over the years they have bashed owning pets for various reasons

    What ?

    Never heard of this ?

    Anyone have any proof ?

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Yes, I can't remember which Awake or WT, but owning pets definitely frowned upon - they take time, attention, money, focus, etc., all away from the org. Can't have that!

  • JustMe2

    There was also a talk at an assembly or a convention. It warned against letting pets take up too much time, as from meetings and field service, or cost too much money to care for.

  • Finkelstein

    I see, so more time and money should given to the WTS which is more important as to spread the commercialized lies and corrupt doctrines of the publish house than have a pleasant enjoyable experience with a loving attentive pet.

  • GrreatTeacher

    I love this story. Thanks for sharing Defianttruth.

    I had a cat who was my heart for 18 years.

    When he passed on, we got a new kitten. I had forgotten all about kitten hijinks like climbing the curtains, attacks from under the sofa, quick escapes out the door.

    But he's maturing now and is settling down a little. He loves to snuggle with me in bed, and there's nothing more wonderful than a purring, cat-shaped footwarmer at the foot of the bed.

  • BlackWolf

    What a nice story! Animals give me so much joy in my life, I want to work at the vets office when I'm old enough.

    I have a little poodle/bichon frise mix dog named Yuki. He is really what keeps me going everyday. He's my only real friend and loves me unconditionally, unlike some people. He is really smart and I even taught him to do agility. Of course I can't enter him in an agility show because its too "competitive" :(

    Whenever I get home from a frustrating and lonely day out in service or at a meeting he is always there to lick my face make me feel better. Sometimes I love animals so much more than people, they don't lie or cheat or control you out of greed. They love you with all their hearts and are always loyal. :)

  • Finkelstein

    So you want to work for the Watchtower Corporation then play and look after me.

    Stupid Watchtower Corporation !


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