I'm Watching The Exorcist Right Now...

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  • pale.emperor

    As an ex-JW recovering for cult indoctrination and paranoia there are a few things that make us realise how far we've come.

    • Eating black pudding
    • Smoking a joint
    • Sleeping with someone on a first date

    And this evening I'm doing another one... watching The Exorcist. The one film wish (according to my JW upbringing) would 100% guarantee demons to inhabit you're home and maybe even your body.

    It's not scary at all. Maybe it's because I genuinely don't believe in the supernatural and so it is, to me, just a fantasy film that could never happen.

    I cant believe this film was so feared by the JW me 5 years ago. What did you all think of it?

  • fulano

    After watching the Japanse the Ring, it’s like the Muppet show. Did you like your joint? Try Tibetan hasj in Amsterdam, 5% opium...

  • Finkelstein
    • Eating black pudding
    • Smoking a joint
    • Sleeping with someone on a first date

    Who says you have to do those things because your an ex-jws,

    I've known a lot people who wouldn't do those things and most were never religious.

    Mind you testing and trying out on your own is always acceptable and one shouldn't be overly judgemental .

  • Giordano

    Hi Pale....the Exorcist.... my wife and I were out for ten or so years when that movie was released. We got out when my son was born, No blood or a Paradise earth for him just reality.

    So when my wife and I saw the movie we jumped at the extreme parts and definitely were affected by the story and special effects. Very powerful for that time.The Demon thing was just a vehicle to present a story that was atmospheric and very tense.

    My son who was ten years old at that time really wanted to see this movie. We said no.

    In child rearing I used a form of 'Convince me' instead of an out right yes or no. I wanted our son to make an argument why he should see the Exorcist.

    My argument was ...... your too young.

    His argument was 'can I see it when I'm thirteen'?

    We compromised by agreeing that he could see the movie when he turned 13........ he was disappointed but understood he could see this movie in a few years. This is well before movies on tape or DVD's. So I wasn't worrying that he would see it at thirteen.

    We lived in West Palm Beach FL and there was a theater that ran older movies. Sure enough the Exorcist was playing. My son was now thirteen and an agreement was an agreement.

    I had some trepidation as we entered the theater.

    We got seated and the movie started. The suspense grew........ the horror was rolled out in small doses building up to a particular scene. Where the demon controlled girl used a crucifix to masturbate.,,,,violently .......Bug eyed, drooling and using that crucifix to hammer herself over and over again.

    I thought......oh my god why did I agree to this.

    Then my son turned to me and said "Dad I've seen enough let's go!"

    I don't know what the moral of this story is. I kept my end of a bargain though I never thought I'd have to be a part of that.....he demonstrated a maturity........ that I was proud of.

    The sun and fresh air was a welcome relief when we exited the theater. He's 52 now and still laughs at his and my reaction to that scene.

  • zeb

    Its important to pay your exorcist bills, other wise you might get repossessed.

  • nicolaou

    Wow! So bizarre that I expressed the very same sentiments 14 years ago.

    Saw 'The Exorcist' first time last night. You'll NEVER guess what happened!
  • LoveUniHateExams

    The Exorcist (1973) is a great film. I thoroughly recommend it. I bought a second hand DVD for £1 and watched it alone, at night. It creeped me out a bit. It did what a good horror film is supposed to do.

    Smoking joints and eating black pudding (fried, with a full English breakfast) are pretty good, too. I recommend those in moderation.

  • rickroll

    That show is still a good horror today. Black pudding is crap. I would not eat blood pudding or sausage on a bet.

  • pale.emperor

    I didnt find the film even remotely scarey. The only bit I found uncomfortable was when the doctor was sticking a tube in her neck and the blood was spurting out.

    Black pudding is crap. I would not eat blood pudding or sausage on a bet.

    I'm with you on that. Tried it once, it tastes like metal. Shan't be eating it again. But at least I have my own reason to not eat it.

  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    We've seen it, since I don't believe in devil, demon, bible or religion, it just seems silly, with the cross and holy water BS, those movies don't scare me anymore, and nope no demon attacks for watching either LOL!!

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