Saw 'The Exorcist' first time last night. You'll NEVER guess what happened!

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  • nicolaou


    Ten years ago I'd have chosen to have a limb amputated rather than let 'Satan' into my head by watching such a 'demonic' movie. Well I watched it right through and I thought it was a good movie - if a little dated. It finished just after midnight and I went straight to bed having turned all the lights out (and brushed my teeth ).

    No nightmares, no worries, no anxiety - I went straight to sleep. A positive belief in the non-existence of anything supernatural is a wonderful thing.


    (Goodbye God, goodbye all you angels, demons, hobgoblins and boogeymen)

  • GetBusyLiving

    Yeah Nic, I watched it for the first time a while ago - nothing. I was a little disappointed I wasnt attacked by a deeemon. Terrific movie though.

    Maybe watch it tripping on acid or something (?).


  • Rod P
    Rod P

    I went to that movie when it first came out. Absolutely scared the Hell out of me. I never really had nightmares, but after that one, I had them for weeks.

    I thought the cure would be to watch the movie a second time, this time looking for special effects and movie making techniques. Instead, it etched deeper into my psyche. The nightmares continued for about a month.

    A few years later the movie showed up on TV, so I watched it again. I can't say there is no God or Satan or demons, but at the same time my notions about them all had been dramatically altered, so that I was not in that JW fearful state of mind. Anyway, the movie had no effect on me. None!

    I think it makes a difference when you see it in your home on a TV, where the screen is smaller, and you don't get that big theater Sound Surround. (Of course, today's home theater systems now rival the movie theaters, but they weren't around when the Exorcist first aired on TV)

    About a month ago this movie showed up on TV again. I watched it once more. I can't believe how much more the movie seems so dated and in some respects even phony. I should mention that I have been doing accounting work for a movie production company for the last seven years. As a result, I have become aware, at a rather intimate level, many of the set designs and special effects they utilize to create realism, especially computer graphics and animation. In the case of the Exorcists I am aware that they used coloured contact lenses to make Linda Blaire look possessed.

    It would be an interesting study if someone researched the evolution of the sophistication of movie viewers from the time when they first came out, thru the black and white era, on to colour movies, then advanced Dolby sound, and on to today's powerful special effects, etc. The act of watching movies over a long period of time actually changes us and how we interact with movies. For one thing, we do become desensitized to horror and death and killing, even torture.

    Rod P.

  • love2Bworldly

    Funny how I used to always have nightmares about demons when I was a JW, but don't have them anymore. Makes me think it's the JW's who are demonized.

  • Elsewhere

    What? You didn't see a baby crawl across the ceiling and rotate its head all the way around after stopping directly over your bed?

  • talesin


    I knew you were gonna say 'nothing' ! hehe

    Seriously, though, I'm glad the nightmares are over for you.


  • whyamihere

    I don't do well with Scary Movies!

    I even screamed during Jurassic Park.....I love to watch them but I need a blanket and sit on someone lap and have them hold am a Pansy!


  • chrissy

    I saw this movie at the age of four while staying over at my 'spiritually weak' uncle's house. jesus in a jumpsuit if that movie was not such a tramatic experience that twenty some years later I remember it like yesterday. I still picture that girl's head spinning around 360! Maybe watching it as an adult wouldnt be so horrific, but I'm thinking I will not.

  • LittleToe

    Yeah, but have you watched Ring, Ring 2 and White Noise?

    LT, of the "likes scary movies class".

  • Midget-Sasquatch

    I saw some of The Exorcist when I was at my second cousin's home. They had cable with movie channels and IIRC I was about 12. Well to my virgin eyes, it was freaky.

    What was creeping me out even more than the movie, was when my cuz who thought it would be awesome to really be possessed, talked about some stuff he supposedly did at Confederation park...a place where dead animals usually turned up.

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