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  • LoveUniHateExams

    I do agree a discussion should be had, but I don’t agree I need to take everyone’s fears (rational or not) and adopt them as my own - I didn't ask you or anyone else to do that. I simply asked people not to dismiss some women's concerns as irrational; in other words, to take them and their concerns seriously.

    I also said that women who have these concerns and trans-women who want to toilet-share should sit down and have proper discussions, in order to find solutions to these issues.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    @ just fine - "As long as he/she minds their business it doesn’t matter to me."

    FACT: Perverts/voyeurs/rapists do not mind their own business.

    Why provide such people with golden opportunities?

  • stillin

    Just to throw my two bits in... I have been married to the same woman for more than 40 years. She has NOT ONCE been in the bathroom when it's time for me to do my paperwork. I will wait all day if I have to. I have scruples.

    On the same note, I wish she was more like me in this regard.

    OK. Go back to what you were talking about.

  • smiddy3

    My wife and I have been married 58 years ,she wants her privacy in the bathroom / toilet and I do likewise .

    I can`t imagine it being any different .

    We would be appalled at sitting next to a stranger doing your business , or have I missed the whole concept ?

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    My Solution so everyones fears and wishes is taken care of: separate mens, womens as usual n a third UNISEX one

    Thus one can choose to use the unisex ones if you are ok with that if not you have the others to use as well.

    Live n let live.


  • LoveUniHateExams

    Here's what I find strange - you can find any number of contemporary feminists who'll complain about things like guys 'manspreading' on public transport or builders giving women the 'male gaze' ...

    And, yet, these same feminists will be totally fine with biological males sharing their restrooms. Weird, huh ...

  • scruffmcbuff

    Have unisex toilets near me.

    They make me feel uncomftable. I walked in there once and there was a group of 5 or 6 school girls aged between 13-15 (at a guess) around the sinks and mirrors, i had to walk back out and held it tell i got to work.

    It didnt feel right for me to be whipping it out and pissing.

    In short, it made me feel uncomftable. But being a white middle class male my opinion means nothing and im not allowed to have feelings!

  • Etude

    So, LoveUniHateExams, I'm not sure what these concerns of women being near a trans-woman are. You said you expressed concerns on behalf of some women having to share a bathroom with a trans-woman. Are they afraid of advances? Are they afraid they'll see something they don't want to see, like if the transition is not fully complete? What is it that may bring an objection? Would they be just as objectionable if the woman in the other stall was a lesbian? I think that given the lack of bad incidents about this issue, they should just do away with the hoopla and end the discussion. It really should be a non-issue.

  • Simon

    Separate washrooms are simply more practical for multiple reasons.

    Did someone catch a glimpse of a wiener as they finished at the urinal? Is that sexual assault or indecent exposure? Imagine the notion that someone could point, scream and ruin your life, just because you need to pee.

    Who's to say what happened?

    That's just one of many reasons that washrooms should be separate.

    The flip side is that you don't want perverts in washrooms trying to catch a glimpse of anything.

    Was that happening or was someone just walking past a stall and happened to look sideways?

    Again, who's to say what happened?

    The only people who would benefit from it is lawyers.

    It all comes down to 'intent' and who can know that when everyone is free to be in either place?

    You know an easy way to prevent such "misunderstandings"? To have areas where it's know that other groups should not be going into that zone. If a man is in the girls washroom then there's something wrong simply by virtue that he's in there, likewise a man doesn't need to worry about being accused of anything by a girl as they shouldn't be in the mens washroom in the first place.

    Basic. Common. Sense.

    Oh, and too many "transgender" people are either mentally unstable or use it as an excuse to be abusive and / or get away with being a pervert.

  • LongHairGal


    I agree and this nonsense is getting out of hand.

    What will end up happening somewhere is some lady will go into a toilet with her little grandchild and there will be some guy wearing lipstick exposing himself.

    Years ago when I was in Italy, there were public unisex toilets in a park..BUT, there was a male attendant there full time. So, there was no chance of some idiot hanging around being lewd or bothering people.

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