Evolution knowledge prevailing over a Jehovah’s Witness!

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  • StarTrekAngel

    I think is pretty clear that the word "religion" in that context simply means something you are attached to or that you trust. Since he was talking to a religious person, it makes perfect sense to use a word his friend would be able to relate to. I never interpreted that science was being defined as a form of spiritual devotion.

    But then again... what do I know.

  • steve2

    That's fine StarTrekAngel - provided you know for sure exactly what the JW thinks you mean by using the word.

    Alternatively, the JW could think, "ah! so science is just like a religion for adults - but if it's not following Jehovah's appointed channel it must be false".

    Besides, why use a word that is fraught with so very many negative connotations to a JW - and that you have to subsequently clarify what you did not mean by the word? Just don't use it in the first place - no confusion or misunderstandings then.

    And to be clear, science is as unreligious as you can get: It proposes not blind or even informed obedience - but the constant testing of hypotheses and letting the "evidence" answer questions - not ancient "authorities", among many other differences compared to religion.

  • Finkelstein

    he said: “You know how much your family members long to see you take up the truth

    You should have said that ... " I've been searching for the truth with integrity and honesty in reading the bible and that's why I wont support the false biblical teachings of the men of the Watchtower Corporation. "

    They have been involved in false teachings drawn out for themselves and their cultivating power, control and money.

    From reading the bible it would appear that Jehovah and Jesus would not be guiding corrupt charlatans selling a tainted commercialized version of the Gospel, these men weren't loyal to Jehovah but loyal and supportive only unto themselves.

  • Finkelstein

    JWs cant help with what comes out their mouths because they have been mentally restrained to NOT openly think other then the fear induced indoctrination the WTS has implanted within each member and of course the WTS only implants into people's minds self supporting controlled dogma to support " their " organization, which indirectly among many things they live off from. $$$

    One could say that their mental indoctrination is a proving test to their achieving power and control and it serves them with appealing means and concern.

    Stupid ignorant people from whatever source has always been a detrimental folly to society and always has been.

  • Giordano

    Thank you anointed 1 for sharing your encounter with us. Usually firing off hard points will stiffen up a JW and they will close down the conversation.

    I liked that you were comparing childish beliefs with mature (scientific) knowledge.

    Maybe if he see's or hears something in the JW world that strikes him as childish he'll remember this discussion..

  • anointed1
    steve2, StarTrekAngel, Giordano
    You wrote your comments when I was sleeping. Hence this delayed response.
    You three are correct in saying I should not have compared religion with childishness. Yet there is a reason I did so because it worked with me when my professor (who was also my great friend) used the same phrase to me when I told him I was studying with JWs. Though it seemed offensive to me in the beginning, it was like a powerful seed—it grew like a gigantic tree within me that uprooted all religions from my mind as childish, hence I did not take the final step of dedication and baptism with JW org. whose teachings also I found childish such as God going after Satan to prove a point at too great a cost of bloodshed that can fill even the oceans …
  • Diogenesister

    I think I understand your words with a little poetic licence...I think it would register well with a JW , it made me think of Corinthians ...

    " When I was a child I thought like a child, spake like a child.....( fairytales),when I became a man, I put away childish things?"

  • rebel8

    I can't believe nobody is mocking this comment:

    I would suggest you start tasting Jehovah.

    Let's generate some comebacks:

    So you mean I should become a Catholic so I can take communion and eat the body of god?

    I did taste him once but I didn't like him. I kept trying him, because I thought maybe he was an acquired taste, like beer. I just never learned to like the taste.

    I did and he left a bad taste in my mouth.

    Does he come in salted caramel mocha latte flavor?

  • anointed1

    It's only matter of time he would taste God and feel He is good only, only, when he looks at God without the prism of JW teaching.

    Like you it did not taste good when I saw Him as one going after Satan to prove a silly point at the cost of bloodshed that can fill the oceans.

  • anointed1

    Situation is similar to Bible. People who read only the Bible, they think that it contains everything. But people who also read apocryphal books, get many precious information which are not in the Bible:

    While expounding the meaning of the expression God created man in His image, Ecclesiasticus 15:15 says “If you choose to do good, you can” and you are “able to perform acceptable faithfulness.”

    It also contains thoughts like these:

    When a gossip is heard, a fool travails with it as a woman in labor of a child, or as an arrow that sticks in a man’s thigh which he desperately wants to throw out.

    And in some other apocryphal book I read that he that sins shall offend against his own soul (not against God) because he will reap its bitter consequences sooner or later which will motivate him to love himself avoiding things that lead to bitter consequences. Thus suffering serves a good purpose. If this benefit is not noticed, then suffering would be viewed as a proof for the non-existence of a God who cares—just like silence is the sign of both—one does not have knowledge and one does have knowledge, who waits for appropriate moment to speak out.

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