District convention to be held in assembly hall instead of stadium

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  • NikL

    Last night they announced that this summers district convention will be held at an assembly hall.

    This is the first time I've seen this happen. There are a couple of congregations in the same hall here and they aren't going to the same ones. They are having multiple dates.

    The hall they are going to use can only hold 1500 people max.

    Just wondering if maybe they just couldnt get anything bigger this year or if the falling numbers are playing a part in this decision. Is it happening in your neck of the woods?

    I am in California.

    Any thoughts?

  • blondie

    I was expecting this. It is cheaper to use your own facility, handle smaller crowds, plus not so many speakers are needed with the videos. Also, the admins/workers in a circuit or a couple of circuits are used to the routine, plus jws don't have to travel as far or use hotels/motels.

    And the assembly halls to stand empty when circuit assemblies/special days are being held.

  • dubstepped

    This doesn't pertain to San Diego does it?

  • NikL

    No not SanDiego...Northern California.

  • dubstepped


  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    The split up of congregations in the same hall is so there are motel rooms available and used

    Ours has been at an assembly hall ever since it was built. I will give them credit for good seats, no sports arena stuff the lunch facilities lack, and there is no place for kids to be kids at lunch; but caleb and Sophia dont play catch, hopscotch, leapfrog anyway

    It does make it harder to connect with old acquaintances and really cuts into any chance for young ones to meet a marriage mate; they keep up the rules and we will be inbred

  • sir82

    Saves them money - assembly halls are paid for, no rental fees.

    And/or the folks where they typically go for the summer convention stopped "playing nice" regarding rental fees, hotels, etc.

    I would not be surprised to see most if not all summer conventions held in assembly halls in the near future.

  • RubaDub

    I have a relative in the hospitality business (books conventions and groups for large hotels and facilities). I never really understood before talking to her about how much time, money and effort goes into booking a site for something like a Regional Convention or the like. The logistics of making it all happen in an orderly way is much greater than most people think. That is why there are people who do this for a living and get paid a lot to do it well.

    And the Society tends to want things done "their way" instead of more involvement by professionals to save some money. Depending on the location, it can involve various types of insurances, traffic permits, parking issues, security, facilities setup and dismantling, negotiations with unions for work to be done by volunteers instead of union employees, etc, etc, etc. A lot more behind the scenes stuff than most people realize.

    In many cases, it really does make sense to use a building that may otherwise be empty instead of going elsewhere. Yes, there is some wear and tear on it but the net cost is typically lower than renting a commercial building. And being in one of your own buildings cuts down on a lot of the red tape and scheduling requirements that come with a commercial building.

    Other than the visual impact of being in a large convention with thousands of others, the smaller ones are a lot easier to control and manage and be cost effective.

    Rub a Dub

  • tresdecu

    Yep...I moved to the NW (seattle area) a couple years ago. They used to use a stadium in Tacoma, Wa for years...(someone told me since the early 80s) but for the past 2 years they switched over to the nearby assembly hall. We just went about a month ago (unfortunately :-/)

    I think they are going to start doing this from now on in many areas. No reason not to, more $$$ in WT's bank account, it's easier...everyone I've talked to like it way better anyway, comfort level and no set-up, stage, sound systems etc.

    It will be interesting to see more replies....I've been wondering how extensive this is.

  • JeffT

    Tresdecu, welcome to the NW, I live in Woodinville.

    When I became a JW in the seventies, the big conventions were held in the Kingdome (which doesn't exist anymore). Typically about 50,000 people attended. Then they went to the Tacoma dome, with about 10,000 attending each of two or three conventions. So going to the assembly hall is just another data point in the downward slide.

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