District convention to be held in assembly hall instead of stadium

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  • Vidiot

    When I started fading, I actually kinda wondered if this might start happening eventually.

  • LV101
    I heard chatter about this later part of 90s (around '1997) using cult Assembly Halls but not sure they were referring to Calif or NV along with the noise the apostates were making causing issues in France. All I knew about apostates at that time was the interesting signs I'd seen carried at the big circuit assemblies -- whatever they were called where you sit out in the bright sun for endless hours out of town - sleep 3 hrs/jump up early to drive too far to get a decent seat out of the sun but waste of time because the cliques have saved thousands of seats already for good ole boy/gal. Swear JWs must sleep overnight in the parking lot to grab/reserve all the seating. Highlight was the airplane flying over with ad/info 'Why 1914' or number to call or something -- that part was great but by that time I knew it was a horror fest inside the snake pit.
  • BluesBrother

    Why book a 40 thousand seater for half that number of JW delegates?

    because there is a big difference in sitting for 90 minutes for a football game and sitting for three days for a convention. Once the dubs are in, with family groups , kids, grandma and all their food and bags, it would be a nightmare if the stands were full to capacity.

    Nb. If they downsize the summer convention to ass. halls , it takes away the buzz, the atmosphere......I say that attendance would plummet.

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