Do any of the Aussies remember Dave Madzay?

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  • TheListener

    Donna, are you saying that Dave Madzay wasn't disfellowshipped? If so, that goes against my personal knowledge. Which I'm not saying is impossible, perhaps he was reinstated?

    No offense meant, I am really just asking the question in all sincerity.

    I am truly sorry that you lost someone you felt such a bond with.

  • sass_my_frass

    Oh. Last I heard, disfellowshipped people don't qualify for a resurrection... Ah it doesn't matter, it's not a concept I can get my head around anyway. Or maybe you can help out with this, my confusion with resurrection:

    - Person dies before Armageddon (whoever it is that qualifies)
    - Jehovah records their physical traits and all knowledge and memories in the book of life so that he can resurrect them later
    - During resurrection, Jehovah re-creates a copy of the person who died, and puts their knowlege and memories inside their mind, and they are resurrected

    I don't see how this works out for the original person who dies - since it's the copy of them who gets to live in paradise.

  • HappyDad


    You are being kind of HARSH without really listening to what is posted on this thread. Chill out woman! I'm sure he was a very loving person. You come on this forum like gangbusters without even introducing yourself and telling us about you.

    If you still believe in the resurection.................and are an active dub..........why are you here?


  • amos77

    Apologies for late entry. Only recently found out Dave Madzay died. Was close to him and Joy. I was in Bethel while he was there and wondered what happened to Joy. Looking back, I wondered whether Dave had bipolar? I know he was very upset after a short stint in Brooklyn at what he saw going on there with drunkenness and homosexuality and the banning of small groups of Brooklyn Bethelites studying the the Bible on their own. Does anyone know when/where he was buried?.

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