Cruising for chicks/guys @ assemblies.

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  • whyamihere
    Were you wearing a low cut top Brooke?


  • noneofurbiznis

    I didn't do all that but I would watch & make fun! All I wanted to do was sleep at the assemblies..I hated sitting closer to the stage cause that's where all of the extra bright lights were..not condusive to sleeping

    We always called assemblies "Marriage Fest" & then the year. so for example it would be "Marriage Fest '06" this year.

  • avishai

    Here's an old topic, but with all the new folks....

  • MeneMene

    Oh what memories - if I didn't meet a new guy at an assembly it was considered a complete waste of time.

    Working at the assemblies was definitely a good way to meet guys.

    12 years old is the first I remember meeting a guy at an assembly. We exchanged addresses and wrote letters for a while.

    When I was 15 at an assembly in Florida I met a 30 yr old man that worked at Cape Canaveral. We sat together Sunday and by the time we got home I had a letter from him in the mail.

    One assembly I met the most gorgeous guy - beautiful eyes that made me melt! I dated his roommate for a while but never got to date him. I always asked about him though. He ended up married to my cousin's SIL. Broke my heart.

  • tan

    I remember crusin' but couldn't do it very much when I was younger. When I got older and was able the guys were all ugly. It figures...

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