Cruising for chicks/guys @ assemblies.

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  • avishai

    Yup, the ONE thing I miss about assemblies. The chase. Sneaking off at lunch and/or half the afternoon session to make out w/ someone you just met. Long talks on the phone.

    My dad used to call it "trolling". Checking out members of the opposite sex from the bleachers was "bank fishing".

    What are your experiences w/ this?

  • Soledad

    ha, none really. my mother wouldn't let me out of her sight, not even to go to the restroom.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Screw the assemblies. That's what service was for. I'd go out with Nina for a couple of hours and then we'd find some secluded place where we conducted ourselves loosely.

    I hated assemblies. She'd drag me around to talk with all her friends. I hate crowds so we'd be shuffling trying to get through.

  • morrisamb

    Oh my god, I was bored out of my mind AND I took them SERIOUSLY! I just couldn't concentrate...and I'd count down to the finish...oh, I'd also check out who was cute; who wore what, who needed a make over, etc. LOL

  • Ghost of Esmeralda
    Ghost of Esmeralda

    ROFL! Here's a walk down memory lane for you...

    Anyone remember the phrase "Smiling, styling and profiling?" They counseled the young people in our district against it! Assemblies were for learning, not checking out the opposite sex.

    What I want to know is when else were we supposed to do it? LOL

    *shudder* oh, the memories. I had horrible times at assemblies. Especially because the Pioneer for whom I carried a torch for YEARS used to think it was cute to sit behind me, just on an angle so I could be keenly aware he was watching me. And he knew it broke my heart, too. The [email protected]!

    Not good memories for me, assemblies. Except the year my sister and I finally decided to say screw the program and write eachother notes on our notepads. My sister came up with a great acronym while we were hearing the introductory talk on the district con. about paying attention:

    Look around

    Invent things

    Smart off

    Talk alot

    Entertain others

    No smiling though!

    LOL one good memory amid a flood of others. Painfully shy as I was, most of the time if anybody was looking at me I didn't have my head up high enough out of my Bible to notice.


    edited to add:

    " Sneaking off at lunch and/or half the afternoon session to make out w/ someone you just met." you're KIDDING me!!! I never would have had the nerve! Of course, I was such a good JW girl that I married the first guy who ever kissed me, no, unfortunately I'm not joking. But what the hell. I'm on my second marriage now and I also married the second guy who ever kissed me! LOL (but he's the right one! :)

    My father would have cheerfully dismembered any boy caught doing such a thing with us, assembly or otherwise!

  • avishai

    Yeah, I was a total nerd goody-goody 'til my pioneer best bud taught me to smoke, swear, & look good for the ladies at 16. After that, it was basically all over. Hot worldly babes dragged me kicking & screaming from the dubs. THANK YOU!!!! They pleaded, they cajoled, they argued religion & philosophy. After a few years of vacillating, they eventually won. But in the interim, I was quite the bad boy at assemblies. Sneaking off, getting stoned outa my gourd w/ whoever & then going back to the assembly hall. Trust me, it was WAY more tolerable that way. I know, I eventually left just because my conscience would'nt let me be a hypocrite. BUT IT WAS SO FUN!!!

  • LyinEyes

    We used to have a Circuit Overseer who called the guys......" Corridor Cruisers" and the girls,,,,,,," Convention Cuties"......omg, how lame.

    I mean they wanted to counsel young people to not do this,,,,,,,,,,but wasnt that what everyone went to the darn things for anyway? So what if you were not marrying age yet? LOL,,,,,,, Pathetic.

  • Abaddon

    As an Attendant I always used to reflect on the wise council given to sisters regarding wearing slips under skirts... the stairs up on to the stands gave absolutely perfect back illumination to anyone wearing a skirt.

    For some reason (thank god) older sisters never made the mistake of not wearing a slip...

  • greven

    Oh I was cruising alright... problem was the girls usually walked around in groups giggling and goggling and i did not have the nerve to appraoch anybody in such a large group...I mean C'mon! I usually was better with worldly girls heheh

    Abaddon, nice pic!


  • Francois

    At assemblies in upper east Tennessee (Gatlinburg to Bristol), I would always rent the fanciest room available. Usually that meant the assembly was in Gatlinburg. I'd get a room with a fireplace and I would take a cooler with ice and, um, beverages. I also took my stash. Thus equipped, I went to the assembly hall the evening before all the boredom started and made my selection of (or was selected by) a cute young thing. We then repaired to my digs for a compatibility test. If it worked, we hooked up for the entire assembly, showing up just enough at the right time to convince curious parents of her whereabouts.

    Those where the days. It was great sport.


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