Elder who taught at private school for JWs accused of abuse

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  • aintenoughwiskey

    Appointed as an elder the same year he started raping a 12 year old boy. Spiritual princes. Mighty oaks of strength to the congregation. It's no wonder they are moving away from DTD. Human Vermin. I would keep several printouts of this by the door if I was local.

  • ToesUp

    "No wonder this year's convention has that awful Bunker video! Yeap the round up is about to begin and the WT knows it!"

    Spot on rebelfighter! The GB knows that the jig is up. The ARC will be coming to bite them in the a**, along with all the law suits. The bunker video's are just a tool to prepare the oblivious rank and file for the publicity that the cult will receive, once this all comes to a head. WT will then use the "persecution card". They have been lining this up for years.

  • sparky1

    "Appointed as an elder the same year he started raping a 12 year old boy."-aintenoughwiskey

    The HOLY SPIRIT..........asleep at the wheel of Jehovah's Chariot..........AGAIN!

  • truthseekeriam

    I get LA news it was one of the top stories at 5pm and 6 last evening.

    I wish I could say it surprised me but it seems to be more and more JWs are getting busted. I'm so glad the victim gained the strength to go to the police. I hope it helps with the long road to healing.

  • Dagney

    Yikes, so it was on the TV news?

  • rebelfighter

    And when the Judge ask have they produced that list this month in the follow up hearing in the other case. That should have lots of names and places. Those bunkers might be full, there might just be a lot of people hiding.

  • rebelfighter

    Don't forget it will be spun as apostate lies.

  • flipper

    Once again this same story can be and has been repeated thousands of times within the Jehovah's Witnesses organization - WT Society handles these child abuse cases " in-house " many times refusing to go to the police authorities - so then assholes like this elder can continue molesting more children even though the congregation may have " deleted " him as an elder . WTF good does THAT do ? It just emboldens and enables child molesters like this guy to just move across the country if the heat gets too hot on him- so he can re-invent himself posing as allegedly a " good guy " in South Carolina and then secretly start molesting new victims ! It's absolutely disgusting the criminal negligence shown by the WT Society and it's appointed elders.

    The ridiculousness and arrogance of it all is this : WT Society looks upon itself as judge, jury, AND executioner when it comes to pedophiles within their own congregations. WT Society does NOT recognize the authority of any courts to decide the fate of JW child molesters. Otherwise they'd totally cooperate with handing over documents that were requested by the San Diego superior court regarding WT child abuse policies and the database list of JW pedophiles.

    WT Society will never render any just decisions regarding JW child molesters because WT leaders are too concerned with financial liability and fallout concerning what they owe the victims. WT leaders don't give a damn about the emotional or mental welfare of JW victims of child abuse- they just have concern over how it looks to the outside media and how many millions of $$$$ they'll have to pay. It's a cold, heartless organization run by a bunch of criminals . Period mark, exclamation point

  • rebelfighter

    So very true Mr. Flipper and I just wonder if he made Elder when he got to South Carolina.

  • Vidiot

    Aw f**k, not another one.

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