Elder who taught at private school for JWs accused of abuse

by Robo Bobo 24 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • Vidiot

    flipper - "Period mark, exclamation point, peace out..."

    Drop the mic. :smirk:

  • konceptual99

    JWs who are aware of this are (a) excusing the elders of any mandatory reporting responsibility and (b) reverting to the catch all argument that the victim and or their family had every right to report the crime.

    i have tried to argue that congregation procedure and the culture of deference may, even unintentionally, deter the victim or their family from reporting but it's like putting up a big sign saying "I am a closet apostate who hates the GB".

  • freddo

    Quite right K99!

    And spot on Mr. Flipper - that sort of concise and accurate explanation is what keeps me in my resolve to eventually not "just go along for family" and to fade.

  • Ophelia

    I knew this guy. He was in my circuit and I am distantly related to a girl who was in school there during those years. He was not only an elder but frequently used on Circuit Assemblies. He also handled the sound at assemblies. He was close friends with a few young boys in the circuit, and everyone of course was happy that he was taking such an interest in these boys. What a great guy. The kids at the school told a different story. He handled English, bible class and Sex Ed classes there. My relative complained that he was inappropriate. Making jokes to the kids about masturbation and orgasms. According to my relative some of the kids complained but nothing was ever done. It was a poor excuse for a school and obviously a perfect hunting ground for a pedophile. Meanwhile the parents thought they were protecting their kids by sending them there.

  • EndofMysteries

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