Kingdom Hall shot up in Washington state

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  • punkofnice
    Joho -Good job, shooter. Siege mentality is precisely what unites people. Whether it's a nation struck by terror, or a minority cult that's wronged you.

    Indeed. Their 'faith is strengthened™' by such a vicious act.

    Violence is not a solution to whatever it is that's causing pain to Captain Twatface.

  • blownaway

    No one needs to create sympathy for the cult.

  • dbq407
    Its sad that people resort to shooting at kh's or any church for that matter. I am honestly surprised it doesn't happen more though.
  • SeriousTruth

    I would never encourage those [or any] violent acts. All the comments are correct, all it does is give them more "ammo" [unintended pun] to their cause. So many have probably desired to "shoot up a hall", but most make the right choice and resist the urge. I do have sympathy for the millions who must leave, as it's the only peaceful solution. The group continues to hide behind "religious freedom", and a wealthy social power structure, and the law cannot touch them. There's no help for the little people. If you are not rich, belong to a high status family or one of the golden bethelites (which means you have satisfied the first 2), just forget it. When all the corrupt activities just get swept under the rug by elders in high positions, I can see how someone might feel this is a last resort.

  • Dunedain

    @ Stuckinarut2 - I remember when that KH bombing happened in Australia. I was a kid, maybe like 10 yrs old, or something, and i am in the states. My family and i were on vacation and i can vividly remember the KH bombing being reported on in the news.

    My parents, who back then were drinking the Kool aid, were laying in bed in our Hotel room, and the newscaster came on saying - " There was a church bombing in Australia". Well my parents didnt flinch, UNTIL the newscaster continued and said it was at a Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Wintnesses!!!! They both BOUNCED up outta bed, wide eyed, and fully intent on seeing what happened.

    I will NEVER forget that moment, it was like it happened yesterday. Myself being young, said - " Whats wrong, what happened", and they said SHHHH a Kingdom hall exploded.

    Evidently, that was big news, as it was broadcasted on the news all the way where i was at here in United states.

  • Simon

    This is why it's wrong to over-hype and push the evil of the WTS beyond what is reasonable. Some people are unstable.

    There is no excuse for doing things like this even if you believe that "the WTS" is the cause of all your problems in life, it's not the responsibility of the random people at the KH that day.

    If someone has a genuine grievance then they can deal with it lawfully, otherwise move on - don't try and ruin other people's lives who were not responsible.

    I remember the KH bomb in Australia, we heard about it at the KH on the Sunday morning (yeah, no Twitter back then kids!). It was shocking and still is.

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes, I know people who were actually inside the hall at Casula Sydney...

    The residual effects has haunted them for decades.

    The perpetrator was only bought to justice recently- more than 30 years after the event!

    It was a cowardly attack.

    This most recent event is also cowardly.

    No matter the grievance with the Society, taking it out on individual jws is never appropriate.

  • smiddy3

    Hey stuck ,i heard a snippet of this on the news but haven`t seen anything about it in print anywhere .

    you wouldn`t have a link to a newspaper article about it by any chance would you ?

    I was living in S.E.Qld at the time with my young family when the news came over about it.

    we were all well and truly drinking the kooll-aid back then .

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    "Yes, I know people who were actually inside the hall at Casula Sydney...

    The residual effects has haunted them for decades."

    Me too, but the people who converted them and the people they converted, went on to damage the lives of their converts and the converts of their converts and many of their family relationships ad infinitum. There were more lives affected by them than there were by the A-Hole who bombed their KH. The bombing just strengthened their resolve.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @stuckinarut2 My father told me that the brother delivering the public talk shot up like a rocket from the impact. He's the same brother who married my folks. And to this day, one of my older brothers works for him. That brother still walks with a limp, nearly four decades later :(.

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