Kingdom Hall shot up in Washington state

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  • Crazyguy

    A Kingdom Hall near a small community called Yelm was shot up. Yelm is where two Kingdom Halls where set on fire about a month ago. I think someone, exjw, in that area is really pissed off.

  • krismalone

    Hope no one got hurt. There's a big difference with exposing corrupt cult leaders and resorting to physical violence.

    This could only reinforce the cult mindset that they are being persecuted and thus are in the right.

  • smiddy3

    I hear where you are coming from Krismalone,

    And i guess that is the same mindset with the Shia`s and Sunni`s of Islam ?

    The Israeli`s and Palestinian`s ?

    They could all claim to be the "Truth" because they are all being persecuted ?

    Oh that`s right Jehovah of the Old Testament dumped the Israeli`s / Palestinians and he never ever gave a crap about the Arabs or anyone else did he.

    And what moron thinks that shooting up a kingdom Hall or burning it down is ever going to achieve anything except gaining a few months or years in the pen for being stupid.

  • ttdtt

    When something Good happens = Jehovahs Blessing.

    When something Bad happens = See we are the truth because Satan attacks us.

    When NOTHING happens = God is blessing us and the activity.

    WIN WIN WIN - all the time.

  • redpilltwice
    WIN WIN WIN - all the time.

    Until time's up. I'm waiting for "new light" regarding 1914 to become the biggest eye-opener of all modern JW history. I simply refuse to die before I see that day (hey, don't worry, I'm only 51 and happy as can be).

  • dubstepped

    They push and push and push people to their limits and I can't believe something horrific hasn't happened on a mass level. I guess there is a lot that still does happen, just on a smaller scale. The suicides, the abuse inside families, the mental disorders and depression, some of these weird events like the one in Australia or Michigan. I don't want to see people hurt and Jehovah's Witnesses are hurting lots of people. It would be in their best interests to back off, but we know they won't. It's sad. Nobody wins in this stuff.

  • stuckinarut2

    Terrible conduct!

    Such violent acts are never acceptable!

    Decades back, here in Australia, a Kingdom Hall was bombed. This awful act took a life, and has residual effects on people decades later.

    No matter how pissed off someone is against the society, such actions are to be fiercely condemned!

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @Crazyguy Do you know if the criminal who did this has been punished accordingly? This is devastating and my heart really does go out to all those traumatized by these local acts of terror.

  • punkofnice
  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    Thanks for the link, @punkofnice. Check this quote out:

    "Lynam says the shooting incident has not rattled his faith, though he does have a message for those who are responsible. 'As Jehovah’s Witnesses, we look to God’s kingdom to change the effects of what’s happening today… they really need to think about what they’re doing and they can be forgiven as long as they repent from what they’re doing.'"

    Good job, shooter. Siege mentality is precisely what unites people. Whether it's a nation struck by terror, or a minority cult that's wronged you.

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