2520-607 = 1913

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  • Finkelstein

    One thing to acknowledged is that WTS propagated this dating calculation all throughout the 20th century, which even by the bible's account is a wrong thing to do, against the teaching of Jesus in his instructions in preaching the Gospel.

    This dating doctrine was certainly something to assist in the selling of literature and one might say it was successful in doing so but it was not supported through honest and correct bible interpretation .

  • Vanderhoven7

    Yes, you lost a year so the 2520 years goes farther.

  • schnell

    "Since the year zero does not exist", but the number 0 does. It is a legitimate number on the line, as much so as any integer.

    So without the year zero/origin, you have to subtract one, not add one.

    If you have to add one, please explain how.

    Yes, you lost a year so the 2520 years goes farther.

    Okay! Now I get it. I'll accept that, and admit that I have been conflating the length of 2520 years with the timeline itself.

    Now I understand.

  • btlc

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