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  • newsheep

    I had gotten a phone call from a brother who was really upset. He said there was a resolution passed that everyone is in agreement to the selling of the Elmira hall. The strange thing is at the congregation picnic an elder told him that a few years ago the deed to the hall was signed over to the org. So why this stupid resolution.

    My thoughts are that there was suppose to be a resolution passed for more money per publisher for the Global Assistance Program and since the hall is sold they wanted the congregation to feel like they were apart of something and that their thoughts mattered.

    Then there was a talk on not listening or reading anything negative about the org. Anyone talking negative were apostates and to see the elders about it.

    The Cobe, Rawd M was complaining how he didn't want to go to Eastwood congregation, Kitchener since he didn't know anyone there and that he would lose his label. He is almost seventy and he said he put so much into the regional building committees and now nothing. Now he knows what others have to feel.

    The elders admit that no one is happy with this move but are made to keep quiet and put on a plastic smile. Just like when a resolution was made last year to redo their parking lot. One guy put in almost a thousand dollars and now he says they took his money and his hall. People are mad but still say in. Just so sad.

    They also had the nerve to ask the congregation to keep cleaning the hall and keep doing the yard maintenance until the hall is closed. Unbelievable!

  • nowwhat?

    Yeah I love that part .they evict the congregation but are told they are still responsible for the upkeep!

  • LongHairGal


    I’m afraid this sad story could be repeated in one place after another!

    I am truly sorry for ‘faithful’ JWs who gave their all (time and $) to the religion. They will see the halls they contributed to sold off and they will be marooned or have to travel to a further away hall - until THAT one is sold off etc., etc.

    There will become more inactive Witnesses as some - especially elderly - will refuse to travel to the faraway hall. I believe some will actually join another religion or nearby church. I already read one account of this happening.

    This may be good news for those JWs who want out of the religion and will use this opportunity to ‘fade’...But it will be bad news for the ‘needy’ looking for handouts who need to be present to get the envelope of $ from people cornered to give.

    I could be wrong but if this selloff continues it would certainly look like the religion is abandoning its followers.

    Anybody who thinks it can survive as only an online religion is kidding themselves.

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    Long hair girl - not sure that it is abandoning the flock, more like cannibalizing.


  • LongHairGal


    That too! Once they are cannibalized then they will be abandoned.

    I’m so glad I ‘faded’ from the JWs years ago..Reading about this is like watching a train wreck.

  • waton

    gutless, weak kneed, spineless. mushy brained elders selling out their proud local heritage.

    wt appointed, wt disappointed.

  • zeb

    You work for it

    donate toward it

    we sell it and

    you do the lawns the weeding.

    I have a two word answer to that, .... F*** Off!


    Contact your local newspaper or tv chanel.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    corrporations only ever care about one thing ........ MONEY

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Sad to say, but ultimately many JW's will benefit long-term from the org's abuse, because they will only take so much before they refuse to accept another kick in the face, and fight back.

    They'll do that immediately by ceasing to give cash, then giving of their time.

  • wannaexit

    The poor sheep!!!!

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