Couple of real gems in the WT study for this upcoming weekend

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  • sparrowdown

    How would they know about secular careers that come with power and prestige they've never had one. That's why they had to join a cult to get psuedo power and prestige.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    The level of thinking in the JW org is abysmal! There is nothing nuanced or insightful, it is sheer sausage machine indoctrination using the same old stale taunts. Then there are the childish characterisations; "secular work is for power and prestige". Ridiculous! and I'm sure most of the bros will see through this rubbish. The big bogey man Satan will get you if you don't obey. Infantile!

    The JW org is so very 19th century!

    And I do agree with Londo, it's as if there is an undercurrent of 'awakened' writers who deliberately include ambiguous comments to signal to others that there is something wrong in HQ.

  • undercover
    Is it true that succeeding in a secular career that offers power and prestige leads to lasting happiness? No. Remember that the craving to control others and the longing to be admired are the desires that enticed Satan,

    non sequitur. How does having a successful secular career that offers perks correlate to craving those perks.

    The 'no' answer is a blanket statement, and implies that secular success will lead to misery no matter what. The implication is to avoid secular success, and stick to washing windows and striping cars.

  • sir82

    stick to washing windows and striping cars.

    And selling Herbalife! Herbalife is good!

    No wait - there was a photo in a WT study article a couple years back showing 2 JWs selling vitamins from the back of their van in the KH parking lot. Bad! Herbalife bad!

    Oh well, windows, cars stripes, and office cleaning. Those are the approved JW career paths.

  • Iamallcool

    Sir82, Thank you for starting this thread!

  • Splash

    In my experience, most people who try to move up the career path do so because they have become good at what they do and either want to challenge themselves with something new, or see an opportunity for them to make improvements for their company.

    Managers can see through those who try to get promoted without the needed skills, and those managers are accountable for the positions they fill under them.

    Power and prestige are JW tropes, demonised because so few JW's will achieve either.

  • jp1692

    Thank you Sir82 for your excerpts and analysis.

    Let's review: It's a cult!

  • Magnum

    "Is it true that succeeding in a secular career that offers power and prestige serving as a faithful, zealous witness of Jehovah leads to lasting happiness?"

    The implication is as indicated above - that being a JW does lead to "lasting happiness". But, does it?

    Well, let me see. I was 110% JW for 35 years. Was miserable the whole time, but thought I was doing something good and was securing a happy, "lasting" future for myself. I now realize that I was wasting my time serving a cult and that I have only a little future left. That leaves me with nothing but misery for 35 years.

    What about other JWs? Well, as we all know, many are not currently happy. Many are on medication for mental/psychological/emotional reasons. Many are just drudging along, going through the motions. And what about the "lasting" part? Well, the same thing's going to happen to all of them that happened to the millions in the early 20th century who 'would never die'.

  • WTWizard

    Every time humans start to solve problems, joke-hova barges in and ruins all our efforts. We cure diseases, the FDA (joke-hova's monster) squashes it. We reduce poverty (which the church and the central banks, both joke-hova's creations, have created), joke-hova's banks reinstate it. Joke-hova and its "chosen people" also control the court system, the governments, all (not just most, all) businesses, and every single industry from the "phude" industry to your computers--no wonder Windows 10 is a piece of crap.

    No wonder Satan is mad. Joke-hova engineers disaster for humankind and sabotages every effort to solve those problems, and then blames Satan. And for what? Fake debt. Fake debt that is intended to be repaid, forever, by the whole human race for a fake incident. And taboos in discussing these--those incidents are all legally real even if they are fake, and anyone challenging them or their validity (or the validity of paying forever for a single incident) goes to the gulags. All intended to enslave mankind--forever. With no hope this time. And they wonder why Satan is mad?

  • venus

    the craving to control others and the longing to be admired are the desires that enticed Satan

    First thing, Satan doesn't exist. Even he exists, the above points make no sense. He is invisible beings--whatever he does, no one would admire him. In the minds of people He is a symbol of evil, and in their vocabulary the word Satan amounts to hate, curse ..... You call someone "Satan." It will end up in a fight.

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