CLAM Video: Aug 22-28 2016 – “Jehovah Will Care for Our Needs”

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  • George One Time
    George One Time

    In this video too, a job offered was far away and thus refused. Why not show our beloved brothers and sisters that sometimes it is useful to be flexible and move to a place close to the job? That might not be possible for everyone, but for many it is.

    I know a brother who was a farmer. He told me that he was frowned upon in the congregation, because he had to work at different times. You had to work part-time at an office in order to be a good witness... However he concluded that they did eat after all!

  • Spiral

    I missed it, for that I can be grateful. I was working, after all. lol

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Without fail, I used to say that Jehovah provides. Evidence of blessings seemed always to prove his beneficence and care for my family and me.

    Something very important to me appeared impossible to accomplish (this recently). Yet, without my asking, help from different and unrelated sources fulfilled a bucket list wish: fees paid, transportation, meals, and lodging provided.

    This dream fulfilled has nothing to do with the kingdom!

  • blondie

    My husband was made a MS and put in charge of the accounts after only 1 year baptized...but he had been in accounting for 15 years...

    He saw many cases where jws were next to destitute and the congregation expected them to use government resources (never finding out if they qualified or knew what was available), what their relationship was to their non-jw family, if their jw family had the resources to help. I saw jws use food banks stored/manned in a church and counseled not to do that, accept help from the Salvation Army and Red Cross and counseled. Jws had to be in "good standing" before an elder or the BOE suggest giving anyone money or practical help. Where in the bible does it say Israelites had to be in "good standing" to glean, was Ruth an Israelite?

    I knew jws who houses burned down and got help from "worldly" sources but not from a single person at the KH, assuming their own family was responsible.

    My husband saw a BOE want to send flowers to a funeral for a sister in another congregation because she had donated money to build the KH but nothing for a single mother whose ex-husband was not paying child support and the process through the courts was slow. My husband spoke up and said that the elders should pony up the money since she was not from our congregation any more (not for 20 years) which would have meant $5 each. Two brothers just about choked, both well off.

    I remember an older elder from my teenage years give a talk on tipping during the assembly time. He said that jws would sooner break all 10 commandments than break a 20.....

    Does God have to provide a miracle or does he use his servants to help those in the congregation? My question as a teenager.......

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    When my wife (who is still not awake yet, dammit) was a kid, their house burned down. NO ONE from the congregation did a fucking thing to help.

  • Spiral

    My observation is that (usually poor JWs) fall for this line of reasoning. Then, when just a little bit of "extra" money comes their way, they think it is Jehovah's blessing.

    We decided a long time ago that being poor wasn't fun. But, there is a certain group with a mindset that just (barely) getting by is ok and is a provision from God. It's sad, really. We know several who are elderly and, believe me, they don't live in nice houses with nice cars and everything they need. They barely scratch by. All with foodstamps, disability, etc.

  • stuckinarut2

    To most witnesses, they feel it is a badge of honor to struggle financially. Almost like it proves their spirituality or something....

  • truth_b_known

    I once belonged to a circuit where many brothers, including elders and servants, worked for oil refineries. These were high paying jobs. Most rarely had to miss a meeting due to work. However, it was technically shiftwork.

    We had a circuit overseer come though that condemned shiftwork regardless if it interfered with meetings. 9-5 or nothing! Nights and weekends off was a must.

  • Defianttruth

    So Brother Walkswithalimp has ALS. He has been a faithful pioneer for 20 years. He has brought many people into the truth and is loved by his congregation. He was diagnosed with ALS 3 years ago. He has pioneered his entire adult life, but is now having to slow down due to his ALS. Will Jehovah miraculously change Brother Walkswithalimp's situation as he did for Brother Linecook? No of course not. Jehovah doesn't preform miracles that can be proven beyond a doubt. He only preforms vague miracles no one can prove directly he did, but with enough conjecture and believe it could be possible to credit him with a blessing someone has received.

    If you are an honest person this little scenario should show you all the times they claim such miracles it is all lies and broken promises. Imagine the heartache the poor pioneer brother with ALS feels when he watches this video and he knows Jehovah won't help him, but he may help some idiot get a job.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Wow this type of stuff is proven to cause brain shrinkage, this group of GB need to be put behind bars for the damage they are doing to these poor peoples minds.

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