CLAM Video: Aug 22-28 2016 – “Jehovah Will Care for Our Needs”

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  • Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Nicholaus Kopernicus

    This video showed a married brother with three children living in a nice domicile and working full time. His employer demands that he change his working pattern such that it conflicts with his being able to attend WT meetings at the weekend. The brother decides not to yield to his employer’s demand and is thus dismissed.

    The brother seeks for work very actively over a significant period but without any alternative being found. He is quite melancholy and concerned for the welfare of his family understandably. He then decides that with all that time available to him, he might as well pioneer for a time. Well! Well! Well! Wouldn’t you know that after engaging in the pioneer service, he actually gains employment and lives happily ever after! He is also able to attend all the WT meetings.

    So this is the second video in August which heavily portrays engagement in the pioneer service as a lifestyle to be lauded and which avoids or solves problems. No frank discussions as to the pro’s and con’s whatever. Highly idealistic!

    What I found interesting in the video, is that whilst the title is “Jehovah Will Care for Our Needs” the camera at the beginning focused on a kingdom hall contribution box and zoomed out whilst the narrator was making reference to the title! So the needs being met were being visually linked to contributions in a way rather than via any divine providence!

    The reaction in the audience of the local kingdom hall – faces again flat, blank, vacant, glazed. Countenance of some seemed somewhat embarrassed – perhaps as a result of the portraying of pioneering as some sort of talisman!

  • fukitol

    God I pity the poor, gullible, brainwashed suckers still trapped in this sucksville religion. Of which I was one.

  • dozy

    Thanks for these reviews - must be so hard sitting though all that nonsense.

  • Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Nicholaus Kopernicus

    Yes Dozy, it is hard. However, only attended these two meetings. One sister who's awake knew that the videos would irritate me but said I managed to keep a straight face! Inside though, I found the videos amateurish, banal, and to be endured rather than enjoyed. I know from overhearing many that the videos are disconcerting. The other videos - the ones being marketed strongly as useful in the ministry - many here in SE England just not using them. They are cheesy on the one hand and not culturally sensitive on the other. This particular GB's efforts are quite counter productive in many ways.

  • nugget

    It seems to peddle the same myths. The contribution box has no benefit for those in the local hall since the money disappears into the societies black hole. If a brother or sister is facing financial difficulty they are very much on their own.

    When we started fading we were in dire financial straights we were offered a loan by a brother which was extremely unusual. He was a good friend and we turned it down since we knew that if he was aware of our position he wouldn't have offered so we would be taking his money under false pretenses. He also had a daughter who was df'd and struggling and we felt it was wrong for us to take money when she needed it more. We appreciated the offer especially a it was so rare for people to be generous in this way in the organisation. There is no procedure or policy for helping the needy or unfortunate as any act of charity is seen as a distraction individuals have to be moved to acts of generosity.

    However in general the society takes it doesn't give. Money is spent to benefit the organisation it is invested in property. Loss making aspects are scaled down or sold off which is why printed material has been drastically cut and branch offices sold. People are there to serve not to be a drain.

  • tornapart

    I appreciated the review, also on the beroean pickets site, of the 'clam' video, (It's all about control), I used it with my husband. The points brought out had completely gone over his head. The fact the brother could have gone to a different meeting, he didn't have to lose his job... the fact was he had to show loyalty to WT and go to the meeting where and when he was told to. Yes, it is all about control. He got the point!

    It really helps those of who are trying to fade with loved ones still very much in, to be able to argue these points with them. I don't go to any of the mid week meetings, so your reviews and meleti vivlon's reviews are extremely helpful!

  • aintenoughwiskey

    Strait up manipulation! In what universe does the contribution box dollar make it to brother no job? That dollar goes to WT hedge fund, Pedophile law suits, $4000.00 a day court sanctions, Business Class airfare for WT popes and wives.

  • hoser

    A couple of things I noticed from the video are that he was portrayed as working a low end generally low paying job. I don't know how he could support his family at that pay grade under normal circumstances.

    Secondly, if the brother is as good of an employee as he thinks he is and was valuable to his company management probably would have respected his wishes not to work during his meeting time.

  • stuckinarut2

    Wow! I have not seen it, but based on your description, that sounds simply odd....

    But of course, this is NOT a cult....

  • sir82

    That was a weird video.

    The guy was employed as a line cook at something like a Chili's or an Applebee's.

    He was threatened with losing his job, and he reacted as if he was about to lose his post as ambassador to Tahiti.

    Then this middling line cook couldn't find work at another Applebee's-type place for 6+ months?

    And he doesn't think of applying for "unemployment insurance" until months after he loses his job?

    I'm thinking the script was written by a straight-out-of-high-school Bethel lifer who never worked for wages more than 10 hours a week. Or maybe has a rich daddy who subsidized his in-school pioneering and never worked for wages in his life.

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