This answers the question if the organization was going to go more Hardline or mainstream.

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  • Biahi

    I’m so disappointed, I wanted more talks on “tight pants”, and “burnt hot dogs.” You know, also “Lotta dead people.”

  • Teddnzo

    Hey I remember seeing Loach saying there will be a lot of bodies after the big A

    can anyone post that video?

  • nowwhat?

    They realized the fear, obligation and guilt business model ran it's course.

  • Vidiot

    If this is legit, it doesn’t make any sense.

    The Plain Truth guys tried mainstreaming, fractured into a million pieces, and nobody even remembers them or Herbert Armstrong anymore.

    Why would they risk it?

  • no-zombie

    Maybe ... just may be ... this is the real reason why Tony M got the chop ... mmm.

  • TonusOH

    Making the religion less onerous might help get more people to join. But at the same time, if you're offering nothing and leaving the door open to a last-second conversion, what reason would anyone have to join?

    For the rank and file, there is the sudden realization that, after a century of promoting the door-to-door work as critical and a lifesaving effort... it didn't really matter. All that matters is signing on at the very end. Makes for a nicer god, but not a very profitable religion.

  • Ron.W.
    Maybe ... just may be ... this is the real reason why Tony M got the chop ... mmm.

    Yes, hard to see Tony relinquishing his hot dog stance in place of this watered down new shite!

  • hoser

    Vidiot: These changes are legit

    They are reactive and not proactive. They are arrogant and proud and can’t actually see how stupid and incompetent they really are. The blind are leading the blind. The governing body hasn’t thought that far ahead or even reflected on their past mistakes to even think about the consequences of these changes. In their deluded minds they don’t make mistakes.

    This was coming but COVID made things happen a lot faster.

    Think back over the past 30 years and the blunders that they committed by being so arrogant and inept.

    1990ish. Because these entitled fuckers think they’re somehow above both secular and biblical(Jesus said to pay your taxes) laws they stopped charging for literature and the meals at the assemblies ( remember the food tickets for the hoagie and frozen pudding and orange juice) instead of registering for the gst and paying Caesar’s things to Caesar. They actually thought that the flat ass broke jws would donate enough to cover the cost of the FREE food and literature. They were able to dump giving away food after a short time but were stuck giving away magazines for 3 decades.

    They demonized the internet while giving away FREE literature for at least 15 years. Finally someone woke up and thought “wait a minute” people can download their watchtower instead of us buying a bunch of paper and ink and shipping these magazines that nobody reads all over the country?

    A lot of people liked the book study meeting because it was small and more laid back than the regular meeting so they axed it in favour of the TMS and no one attends.

    This latest change of not reporting service time and you can still be saved after the great tribulation starts just dumbs down the whole thing a bit more.

    The GB is like the mouse trying to stop a rolling freight train. They’re going to get run over.

    The economy, people and society change and you can’t fight progress. Early adapters usually fare the best and luddites who refuse to change are left behind.

  • Vidiot

    So, you’re saying that because they’re still convinced that they’re “God’s Exclusive Earthly Organization”, they think they’ll (somehow) successfully navigate this particular sea change?

    And then…


    Tighten the screws again?

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    ""Tighten the screws again?""

    The lifesaving instructions we may receive may not seem practical from a strategic or human standpoint.

    Something along those lines.

    ""Sell all your houses,,vehicles and donate everything to the Borg"".

    Some are so stupid and gullible they'd do that.

    But their own publications prove the Borg they are NOT inspired. Getting caught lying in their magazines. Thats why they are going online.

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